UCSF’s Dr. A. James Barkovich Honored as RSNA’s 2012 Outstanding Researcher!

Each year the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) Annual Meeting honors one individual who has contributed immensely to research in the field of radiology. We are pleased to announce that UCSF neuroradiologist Dr. A. James Barkovich has been selected as the RSNA 2012 Outstanding Researcher.

Dr. Barkovich, a world-renowned neuroradiologist and professor of radiology and biomedical imaging, neurology, pediatrics and neurosurgery, has changed the landscape of pediatric neuroradiology through his advanced research in neonatology, metabolic disease, medical genetics and epilepsy.

As the Chief of Pediatric Neuroradiology, Dr. Barkovich has helped to pioneer the use of MRI in neonatal neuroimaging. His collaboration with fellow researchers in the fields of embryology, genetics and molecular biology and physical and biological sciences has led to multiple NIH grants to better understand and classify normal and abnormal brain development.

Currently, Dr. Barkovich is studying the mechanisms of normal development and maldevelopment of the brain, correlation of cerebellar abnormalities with neurodevelopmental outcome in prematurely born neonates, early detection of brain injury and repair after encephalopathy and high-resolution anatomic and functional imaging of brain malformation.

Join us in congratulating Dr. Barkovich on over 25 years of visionary research and contributions to the field of neuroradiology. If you’ll be present at RSNA 2012, be sure to attend the presentation on Tuesday, November 27 at 1:30 PM.