Trailblazing Studies and Support of Early Brain Development

Spurred by a lifelong interest in the human nervous system, Jim Barkovich, MD's work in optimizing techniques for studying normal and abnormal brain development in infants and children has been described as “visionary,” “pioneering” and “ground-breaking.”  

With expertise cultivated during multiple early fellowships in early child care and diagnosis, Dr. Barkovich has further distinguished himself in the course of his career by writing reference texts in the field of pediatric neuroradiology that have proven not only definitive but best-selling, having gone through multiple editions around the globe. He has been credited with developing the first MRI-compatible incubator — "the prototype for all such devices," as one of his colleagues dubbed it.

His expertise has recently been sought in relation to questions about responding to the urgent global Zika virus crisis, about which he has counseled careful approaches to diagnosis of potential infant microcephaly and possible interventions.

About his long and many experiences in the field, Dr. Barkovich has this to say: “I can’t imagine a more interesting and rewarding career!”

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