Improving Stroke Imaging Around the World

How do we make stroke imaging better around the world?

Bhavya Rehani, MD, assistant professor in residence in Neuroradiology at the UC San Francisco Department of Radiology and Biomedical Imaging, discusses this topic with reporter Christopher Michael in a radio interview, available to stream below.

The interview, telecast across two radio stations in San Francisco with audience numbers of 499,300 and 375,000 respectively, was based on Dr. Rehani’s talk at the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) 2014 annual meeting on developing countries’ dire need for radiology training. The talk, which was selected for radio interview at RSNA On Air and then subsequently telecast on radio stations in San Francisco, highlights the need assessment of 18 countries worldwide in terms of radiology for stroke.

Listen here: Making Stroke Imaging Better Around The World

“In stroke, without access to CT scan, intracranial hemorrhage cannot be ruled out,” says Dr. Rehani. “This is in turn means the stroke patients cannot receive tPA even if patients are eligible for treatment.”

The study, in addition to highlighting the role of radiology in stroke management, also provides innovative, straightforward and sustainable solutions for improving stroke imaging worldwide. Solutions include incorporating the role of collaborative educational and training projects, amongst others.

Dr. Rehani has been involved in multiple global health projects addressing health inequities. She studied the neuroimaging findings of advanced HIV/AIDS in Africa and Asia, assisted in setting up polio camps in 2000-2004 before polio was eradicated in India, volunteered as consultant radiologist and mentored trainees from Africa and Asia. Dr. Rehani has been a co-investigator in 2 NIH intramural projects.

Apart from neuroimaging, Dr. Rehani’s research interests include stroke imaging, global health, health policy, advanced imaging, precision medicine and biomarkers.

For more information, “Making Stroke Imaging Better Around the World” can be found here.