Addressing Safety Concerns One Decision at a Time

Radiologic tools have become safer over time: Better tools lead to more precise views, and more precision allows reduced radiation dose. But patient safety is still a topic daily on the minds of radiologists.  

UCSF’s Vice Chair of Technology and Capital Projects Robert Gould, ScD, is currently involved in a department project to install a decision system that could potentially decrease patient radiation exposure. The software would point to opportunities to lower radiation and provide clinicians with alternative imaging methods that do not use ionizing radiation.

Dr. Gould is also instrumental in departmental decisions to select imaging equipment and technologies that reduce patient radiation exposure. Learn more about Dr. Gould’s role in minimizing radiation exposure for patients by clicking here.

UCSF Department of Radiology and Biomedical Imaging has cultivated the knowledge, skills, and highly focused talents of an extraordinary team of clinicians, researchers, and teachers. Each doctor is a seasoned expert, thoughtful scientist, and caring professional – as well as a specialist in multiple fields of innovative medical practices. 

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