Virtual Colonoscopy

Preventive Screening Guidelines for Physicians

Preventive imaging exams are designed to detect cancer and noncancerous health conditions in their early stages, when diseases are more treatable and curable. While physicians keep current with preventive care guidelines and recommend and encourage patients to have appropriate screenings, only a small portion of eligible patients receive recommended screenings. 

New Colorectal Cancer Screening Guidelines from the ACS: What You Should Know

 New screening guidelines from the American Cancer Society (ACS) recommend tests such as virtual colonoscopy (CT colonography) every five years for those of average risk beginning at age 45.

3-D Holographic Imaging: A Groundbreaking New Way to Diagnose Colorectal Cancer

For Dr. Yee, virtual holography CT colonography (CTC) is the latest phase in a two-decade research career devoted to detecting colorectal cancer at earlier, more lifesaving stages.

USPSTF Colorectal Cancer Screening Recommendations Include CT Colonography

Dr. Yee is a nationally recognized expert in CT colonography and, through her position as chair of the American College of Radiology’s Colon Cancer Committee, has fought on behalf of annual preventative colorectal cancer screening with insurance reimbursement for CT Colonography in patients age 50 and older.

Overlapping Research, Clinical Care and Education to Advance Virtual Colonoscopy and More

The San Francisco VA is committed to radiology research advances for colorectal cancer and more. Chief of Radiology at SFVAMC Judy Yee, MD, discusses research, clinical care and education.