Non-invasive Treatment for Pain Related to Bone Metastases

Learn about a relatively new, FDA-approved treatment for pain related to bone metastases using Magnetic Resonance-guided Focused Ultrasound.

Research Team Receives $1M Grant to Study & Potentially Revolutionize Osteoarthritis Treatment

The Arthritis Foundation has awarded a $1 million grant to a team of researchers from UCSF, the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York and the Mayo Clinic in Rochester to study how ACL tears affect the onset of osteoarthritis.

Thomas Lang & Team Honored with Top Space Station Research Award!

UCSF’s Thomas Lang, PhD, was one of three researchers to be honored for achievements in International Space Station (ISS) top discoveries in microgravity at the second annual ISS Research and Development Conference.

Osteoporosis & Advanced Imaging Techniques: Improving Diagnosis & Treatment

As National Osteoporosis Awareness and Prevention Month comes to a close, it’s important to remember that the disease is an increasingly important public health issue, and effective treatments to prevent fragility fractures are available.

Working to Reduce the Effects of Osteoarthritis for People of All Ages

At the Center of Research Translation for the Study of Osteoarthritis (CORT), we’re using high-resolution quantitative imaging to find links between movement and changes at the tissue level. Those links are very important in helping us find the root causes of musculo-skeletal degeneration, and they may lead to a better quality of life not only for a growing population of older people, but also for sports enthusiasts.

Developing Techniques to Reduce Running Injuries

New research from the UCSF Human Performance Center suggests that high injury rates among runners comes, in part, from specific running technique.

UCSF Research: High & Low Levels of Activity Accelerate Knee Cartilage Degeneration

A new study conducted at UCSF and presented at the annual RSNA meeting confirms that both too much and too little physical activity can accelerate the degeneration of knee cartilage in middle-aged adults.

Reflections on Development of Quantitative Computed Tomography

QCT, originally invented at UCSF, is a powerful medical imaging device used around the world, both clinically and as a research tool. Dr. Harry Genant, one of the inventors of the imaging exam discusses the development of Quantitative Computed Topography.

The Impact of Obesity and Metabolic Disorders on Early Cartilage Degeneration

Treatment for OA is limited and typically begins once the disease has progressed well beyond its early stages, thus emphasizing a strong need to detect the disease earlier. The osteoarthritis initiative underlines the importance of public health initiatives for early prevention of OA.

Update: Center of Research Translation for the Study of Osteoarthritis

In August, the new Center of Research Translation for the Study of Osteoarthritis, a joint effort between UCSF and UC Davis, was announced. It is now officially off the ground.