Killing Cancer Tumors with Ablation Therapy

Available Ablative Therapies


  • Routes (percutaneous, laparoscopic, open surgical)
  • Mechanism (chemotoxicity, thermal destruction, membrane alteration)
  • Endpoints (imaging, temperature, impedence, time)

SAEs:  Pain, Bleeding, Non-target ablation (bile duct, diaphragm, GI tract, gallbladder), Sepsis, Pleural effusion/ascites

All tumors respond to ablation: By virtue of the technique, there is no “tumor resistance”

Only appropriate for limited tumor burden

  • Maximum is no more than five tumors, none exceeding five centimeters in size
  • Optimum is three or fewer tumors, none of which exceed three centimeters in size 



Professor Emeritus
Prof of Clincal Radiology

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