Velmurugan Jayabal, MBBS, PhD



Dr. Velmurugan Jayabal completed his internship in general medicine and general surgery, earning his medical degree from Coimbatore Medical College in India. He furthered his academic pursuits by achieving an M.D-Ph.D in Clinical Neurosciences at the distinguished National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences (NIMHANS) in Bangalore, India. There, he received comprehensive clinical training in epilepsy, focusing his research on innovative electrophysiological biomarkers such as high-frequency oscillations and functional connectivity to pinpoint the epileptogenic zone and forecast outcomes. Additionally, Dr. Jayabal was awarded a Fulbright Fellowship to advance his research during his M.D-Ph.D.

Following his doctoral studies, Dr. Jayabal pursued post-doctoral research at Aix-Marseille University and La Timone Hospital, where he investigated the efficacy of source reconstruction and network retrieval, as well as the relationship between magnetoencephalography (MEG) and intracranial stereoelectroencephalography (SEEG) signals in epilepsy patients.

At UCSF, Dr. Jayabal's work focuses on MEG/EEG imaging of brain activity and functional connectivity, including detection, source localization of epileptiform events, functional mapping, interpretation of neurophysiology findings, and generating MSI reports. He also provides training to staff and students on best practices and interpretation of MEG and EEG data collection, processing, and analysis.

Dr. Jayabal's research primarily revolves around investigating physiological and pathological network and substrate alterations in patients with epilepsy, brain tumors, dementia, and other neurological disorders. A significant portion of his research endeavors centers on utilizing MEG brain imaging to identify biomarkers, improve the localization of epileptogenic zones, and understand the temporospatial profile in patients with neuropsychiatric disorders.


Post doctoral fellowship, 06/2022 - Clinical Neurophysiology - Epilepsy and simultaneous MEG-SEEG, signal and image processing, Aix Marseille University- University Hospital La Timone
MD/PhD (Clinical neurosciences), 04/2018 - Neurology,Epilepsy,Clinical neurosciences (EEG, MEG, ECoG), National Institute of Mental Health and Neuroscience (NIMHANS)
Fulbright fellowship, 06/2017 - Epilepsy and MEG, electrophysiological signal processing, University of California San Francisco (UCSF)
Bachelor of medicine, bachelor of surgery (M.B.B.S), 03/2010 - General medicine and surgery, Coimbatore Medical College

Honors and Awards

'International Brain Research organization (IBRO) travel grant, American Epilepsy Society meeting, Chicago, USA, 2021
'Iconic health care leader award-Neurologist, Asia GCC foundation, India, 2021
Scholarship prize for cadaveric workshop and SPINECON, All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), New Delhi, India, 2019
Welcome Grant for Postdoctoral fellows, Marseille city council, Marseille, France, 2019
Emerging nations travel award, BIOMAG conference, Philadelphia, 2018
Travelling fellowship award, Indian Academy of Neurology (IAN), 2018
Best epilepsy original research paper award, Indian Academy of Neurology (IAN) at Raipur, India, 2018
International Federation of Clinical Neurophysiology (IFCN) fellowship, International Clinical Congress on Neurophysiology (ICCN), Washington, India, 2018
Best epilepsy original research paper award, Indian Academy of Neurology (IAN), Chennai, India, 2017
Junior travelling fellowship award, World Federation of Neurology at the AES, Washington, United States, 2017
Fulbright fellowship award, University of California San Francisco (UCSF), United States, 2016-2017
Travel bursary award, International League against epilepsy (ILAE), 2016
Scholarship Prize, University of Albert Ludwig, Germany, 2016
Travel award, University of Freiburg, Germany, 2016
Junior travelling fellowship award, World Federation of Neurology (WFN) at the Asian-Oceanic Epilepsy Congress, Hong Kong, 2016
American Epilepsy Society fellow and EpiPORT (Epilepsy Patient oriented research training) fellow, American epilepsy society (AES), 2015-2016
International League Against Epilepsy (ILAE) bursary award, Advanced VIREPA (Virtual Epilepsy Academy) in “EEG in the diagnosis & management of epilepsy", 2015
Suzanne and Peter Berry International Travel Award, American Epilepsy Society (AES), United States, 2015
Council of Scientific & Industrial Research (CSIR) international travel grants, Organization for Human brain mapping conference, in Miami, United States, 2015
T.S. Srinivasan-NIMHANS Foundation grant, TVS group, Chennai, India, 2014-2017
Indian epilepsy school educational bursary award, Indian epilepsy school at Hyderabad, India, 2014
International Federation of Clinical Neurophysiology (IFCN) fellowship, International Clinical Congress on Neurophysiology (ICCN), Berlin, Germany, 2014
ACIAN trust scholarship prize, National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences (NIMHANS), Bangalore, India, 2014


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