Valentina Pedoia, PhD

Associate Adjunct Professor


Valentina Pedoia, PhD, holds a double appointment as Associate Professor in the Radiology and Biomedical Imaging Department at UCSF and Leader of Image Analysis at the Altos Labs. She is a Computer Scientists by training with more than 15 years of experience in Biomedical Imaging. Her primary interest is in developing Computer Vision and Machine Learning algorithms to transform biomedical imaging into knowledge. Her research spans imaging scale and modalities: from understanding fundamental mechanistic phenomena with microscopy to in vivo Magnetic Resonance Imaging, with the common aim of exploring imaging biomarkers of aging. She has great interest in the clinical translation of novel technology, as such she is invested in making all imaging modalities more efficient and effective by boosting speed in acquisition and processing.


Ph.D, 2013 - Medical Computer Science, Insubria University, Italy
M.Sc, 2008 - Telecommunication Engineering, Signal Processing Division, Politecnico of Milano, Italy
B.S, 2005 - Telecommunication Engineering, Signal Processing Division, Politecnico of Milano, Italy

Honors and Awards

Magna Cum Lode Abstract; ISMRM 23th Annual Meeting and Exhibition, International Society of Magn. Reson. in Medicine, 2015
Best Poster at the Musculoskeletal MR study group, ISMRM 23th Annual Meeting and Exhibition, International Society of Magn. Reson. in Medicine, 2015
Highly ranked abstract at the ISMRM 8th International Workshop on imaging based measures of OA, International Society of Magn. Reson. in Medicine, 2015
Travel Stipend Award at the ISMRM 8th International Workshop on imaging based measures of OA, International Society of Magn. Reson. in Medicine, 2015
9th Annual Surbeck Young Investigator's Award, Margaret Hart Surbeck Laboratory of Advanced Imaging, 2015
Bruce Hasegawa Award, UCSF, 2015
Research Grants in Women’s Health, SCOR (Principal Investigator), UCSF and UC Davis, 2015


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