Jessica Hayward, MD

Associate Professor
Director, Breast Imaging Fellowship Program
Co-Chair, Residency Selection Committee
Assoc Professor Clin Radiology


Jessica Hayward, MD, is an Associate Professor of Clinical Radiology in the Breast Imaging section in the Department of Radiology and Biomedical Imaging at the University of California, San Francisco.  She received her medical degree from Dartmouth Medical School 2008 followed by a one-year internal medicine internship at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City in 2009.  Dr. Hayward then completed a Diagnostic Radiology residency at Weill Cornell Medical Center in New York followed by a Women’s Imaging fellowship at UCSF. In August 2014, Dr. Hayward accepted a position as Assistant Professor of Clinical Radiology in Women’s Imaging at San Francisco General Hospital.

Dr. Hayward strives to better the health of women through her clinical work and research in the breast imaging and ultrasound sections at San Francisco General Hospital. She is an active member of the Society of Breast Imaging, Society of Radiologists in Ultrasound, the American College of Radiology, American Roentgen Ray Society, and the Radiological Society of North America.

Breast Imaging

Breast imaging and intervention, obstetrical and gynecologic ultrasound

Professional Interests:
Breast cancer, screening and diagnostic mammography, breast ultrasound and MRI, obstetrics and gynecology imaging

Education and Training:
• Medical School: Dartmouth School of Medicine, Hanover, NH
• Internship: Lenox Hill Hospital, New York, NY- Internal Medicine
• Residency: Weill Cornell Medical Center, New York, NY- Diagnostic Radiology
• Residency: Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, New York, NY- Radiology resident
• Residency: Hospital for Special Surgery, New York, NY- Radiology resident
• Fellowship: University of California, San Francisco- Women’s Imaging

Honors and Awards

Radiology Resident Academic Development Program, Siemens-AUR, 2011
Henry Goldberg Medical Student Award Finalist, Alliance of Medical School Educators in Radiology, 2008
Alpha Omega Alpha, Medical Honor Society, 2007


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