Carly Demopoulos, PhD

Assistant Professor in Physical Therapy, Joint Appointment with Radiology
Assistant Adjunct Professor


Dr. Carly Demopoulos is a clinical neuropsychologist and developmental neuroscientist. Her expertise is in utilizing multimodal neuroimaging, behavioral, and neuropsychological data to investigate the impact of sensorimotor abilities on children with neurodevelopmental disorders, with a particular focus on autism spectrum disorders (ASD). Her current research focuses on understanding the sensory, motor, and neural mechanisms that underlie the heterogenous presentation of speech and voice characteristics as well as broader verbal and non-verbal communication in individuals with ASD.


Postdoctoral Fellowship, 10/2018 - Neuroscience, Neuropsychology, & Neuroimaging, University of California-San Francisco
PhD, 2013 - Clinical Psychology, Illinois Institute of Technology
Internship, 2013 - Neuropsychology, University of California-San Diego
MA, 2002 - Psychology, Columbia University Teachers College
BA, 2000 - Psychology, University of Chicago


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