PET/MRI Ordering Instructions

1.  All PET/MRI orders are now available in Apex.
       a.  Search using the string "PETMR" or "PETMRI"
       b.  The orders will not be available through ancillary orders.

2.  Each PET/MRI order set is attached to two orders: one for the PET and one for the MRI.
       a.  For example the order entitled "PET/MRI WB with adomen with and without contrast
            (PET/MRI)" will result in two orders:
               i.  PET WB (PETMR).
               ii.  MR Addomen with and without Contrast (PET/MRI).
       b.  Each of these orders will be billed separately, but the study will be scheduled and
            performed concurrently on the PET/MRI.

3.  Both orders need to be signed in order for the study to be performed.

4.  If one orders a PET/CT and an MRI separately, these will not be performed on the
     PET/MRI, but instead will be performed separately.

5.  The patient will be scheduled through central scheduling.  PET/MRI studies are only performed
     at China Basin and only as an outpatient.
       a.  Remember, anesthesia is not available at China Basin.

6.  If there are any questions or issues with this process please contact Drs. Thomas Hope and
     Spencer Behr.

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