MR Safety Training Program

MR-Personnel Training

All personnel working in the MRI environment will be fully briefed on MR safety. The program will include the following:

  • A comprehensive information packet on MR safety.
  • A video on MR safety.
  • A written competency test on MR safety, which is to be done annually as part of the Radiology Department Safety review.

All new medical center employees are to attend the New Employee Orientation program provided by the medical center, which includes MR safety as part of the program. Ancillary Staff training: Most accidents that occur in a MR static magnetic field environment are due to a lack of knowledge of MR safety by the ancillary staff of the hospital (e.g. physicians, nurses, housekeeping, anesthesia technologist, etc.). It is vital that all hospital employees that may come in contact with the magnetic field be informed about MR safety in the following manner: 

Introduction to MR safety will occur during the New Employee orientation course sponsored by the hospital. This is to include written information and watching a 15-minute video on MR safety. Participate in the annual hospital safety review course sponsored by the hospital and completion of the written safety review exam.

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