Why Choose Our Radiology Department?

UCSF Radiologist and former Chair, Dr. Arenson describes what differentiates imaging services at the UCSF Radiology Department from all others.

At UCSF, we share an expectation for excellence in our three missions in clinical care, education, research.  We also have a world-class faculty who are all experts in their respective areas who are very subspecialized as shown in research as they are using the latest imaging equipment to develop the latest techniques. In turn, they then apply those techniques to patient care and they bring the cutting-edge research to the clinical setting. We arguably have the best residency program in the country as we get best and brightest applicants mainly because the reputation of our department and faculty.  These candidates often want to come here because they are interested in academic career. We pride ourselves not only training skilled radiologists, but future academic leaders of our country. We use benchmarks to compare ourselves to other institutions around the country. In screening mammography, for example, we know we have the highest accuracy if any institution in the Bay Area and possibly the rest of the country.  In our spine center, we use CT guidance for our interventions to treat disease such as low back pain.  Also, in high intensity focused ultrasound we are developing new techniques for treating bone tumors and treating prostate cancer.  We expect these techniques to be used in other intuitions after we develop them. 


Professor Emeritus
Professor Emeritus

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