How We Partner with Referring Physicians

Dr. Dillon describes how UCSF Radiology partners with referring physicians to bring the utmost diagnostic radiology imaging and services to patients.

When you refer a patient to UCSF, that they will get subspecialty expertise with the best possible protocols and most of which we’ve developed here at UCSF so that the patient’s diagnosis will be precise as it possibly can be.  Also, we will be discussing as an advisor or consultant with that referring physician about what we feel the diagnosis is, what the differential diagnosis maybe, and what the next steps should be in order to make even a more precise diagnosis. We do work very closely with the referring clinicians as part of the health care team with the patient as the focus. Subspecialty expertise is something that is very hard to replicate anywhere else because we see so many different patients and we have so many subspecialties represented in radiology.  UCSF radiology has worked very hard to make this a convenient place for referring physicians to send their patients and for the patient experience as well. There is one number for scheduling which is also available on the website and the patients have a very nice experience in the siting area. We have appointments that are often same day or next day available. Referring physicians can expect a superior report that is precise and subspecialized and back in their office in very timely fashion.  We feel that combination of convenience and expertise cannot be compared to any place in the country. 


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