Is there a good vs. bad type of lung cancer?

UCSF Radiologist Dr Brett Elicker describes the different kind of lung cancer, from the slow growing relatively benign tumor to the more aggressive one.
Different lung cancers
  • Common lung cancer adenocarcinoma, round thing is very white. The denser it is the whiter it is.
    • Dense
    • Strongly associated with smoking
    • Rapid growth rate
    • Poor prognosis
  • Not all lung cancers are not all bad, since some grow slow and may not cause death
  • Bronchioloalveolar Cancer: Cancer in the lung passageway and sacks of the lung
    • Not dense, no whiteness
    • Less associated with smoking
    • Slow growth rate
    • Excellent prognosis
    • Survive rate 100%, very slow growing relatively benign tumor 



Division Chief, Cardiothoracic Imaging
Professor Clinical Radiology

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