MRI-Guided Breast Biopsy

Biopsy is defined as a small amount of tissue removed from the breast to be studied under the microscope.  MRI guided biopsy will require the patient to be lying on their belly and their breast will be compressed on a grid. During the biopsy, the patient you will feel pressure and possibly mild pain, and if you feel severe or sharp pain let your doctor know.  A doctor will insert the biopsy needle at the target area, while taking multiple images to ensure the needle is in a good position. With the needle in position they will take the samples, and it takes about one minute to complete. Also, they will place a marker at the site as it is important to know the location of biopsy if any further intervention is needed. A post-biopsy mammogram will be done to see the location of the clip and to see the changes of the biopsy target. 


Associate Director, Breast Imaging Fellowship Program
Professor Clinical Radiology

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