Is CT colonography (CTC) being accepted worldwide?

  • Stevenson G. Canadian Association Radiol J 2008; 59: 174-82
    • “It beginning to seem rather irresponsible to continue to offer routine DCBE examinations…More than 90 Canadian radiology departments have bought the necessary CO2 insufflators so there is clearly great interest.”
  • Blachar et al. Israel Medical Association Journal 2008; 10: 707
    • “From 2000-2007: 15,165 CTC exams were performed. 14% at public hospitals and 86% at private clinics. Most performed on 16-64 slice MDCT using low dose protocols. Room air used, did not use tagging. There are 18 radiologists in the country performing CTC.”
  • Fisichella et al. Acta Radiologica 2010; 51: 4-8
    • “CTC currently performed in 42% of radiology departments. Of those not performing CTC, 38% intend to start shortly. 90% use CO2 for insufflation, 86% use IV contrast, 93% believe CTC replace DCBE.”

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