UCSF Radiology Announces New Interventional Radiology Clinical Space

UCSF Radiology is excited to announce that our Interventional Radiology Clinic at UCSF Health Parnassus campus now has a new home. This move provides a major upgrade from the old space and strengthens UCSFs role as a leader in Interventional Radiology. The new location makes the clinic a part UCSF Health Surgery Faculty Practice.

"Our new clinic space is a truly wonderful and patient-centric space," says Maureen Kohi, MD, chief of Interventional Radiology and associate professor of Clinical Radiology. "As Interventional Radiologists, we are clinicians, devoted to patient care and high-level procedures."

The Interventional Radiology Clinic on the Parnassus campus is now located at 400 Parnassus Avenue on the second floor of Medical Office Building 1 (MB1), room A/2100. This is within the General Surgery Suite. (It was previously located on third floor.) The new clinic has begun seeing patients four days a week.  

Patients at UCSF Health have access to interventional radiology techniques that use imaging technology to perform minimally invasive procedures. These techniques are less invasive than open surgery, therefore recovery is faster and there is generally less discomfort, and fewer associated complications. UCSFs interventional radiologists perform thousands of minimally invasive interventional radiology procedures each year.