RSNA 2015: Presentations, Awards & More!


UCSF Department of Radiology and Biomedical Imaging will be participating in the Radiology Society of North America’s 100th Scientific Assembly and Annual Meeting, RSNA 2015, from November 29 through December 4 in Chicago. UCSF radiologists will present a number of scientific papers, posters and research topics. Learn about a few of the lectures, courses and studies below.





Ronald L. Arenson, MD

President's Address: Going Boldly into Radiology's Technological Future: Why Our Profession Must Embrace Innovation

Type: Opening Session

Date: Sun, Nov 29, 8:30- 10:15am
Location: Arie Crown Theater

Benjamin M. Yeh, MD
Michael A. Ohliger, MD, PhD
Judy Yee, MD
Ronald J. Zagoria, MD
Zhen J. Wang, MD
Aisha True-Yasaki
Eric Collisson

Low Contrast Enhancement of Primary Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarcinoma is Associated with Early Development of Metastases Following Resection

Type: Science Session - Gastrointestinal (Pancreas Solid Masses)

Date: Sun, Nov 29, 10:45- 12:15pm
Location: Room E353A

Robert R. Flavell, MD, PhD
Emily Bergsland, MD
Eric Nakakura
Miguel Hernandez Pampaloni, MD
Spencer C. Behr, MD
Carina Mari Aparici, MD
Judy Yee, MD
Thomas A. Hope, MD

A Primer on Interpreting Ga-68 DOTA-TOC PET/CT and How it Changes Patient Management

Type: Poster Discussion

Date: Sun, Nov 29, 12:30- 1:00pm
Location: Room S503AB

Lauren Hackney Goldman, MD

Muscle Cross-Sectional Area and Strength of Knee Extensors and Flexors Impact Compartment-Specific Cartilage Health - A Longitudinal 3T MRI Study from the Osteoarthritis Initiative. 

TypePoster Discussion with Q&A

Details: The overall project pertains to research done through MQIR investigating the relationships between extensor and flexor cross sectional area and strength with regards to knee cartilage degeneration as measured by various quantitative and semi-quantitative imaging modalities (T2 and WORMS scores, respectively.)

Date: Sun, Nov. 29, 1:00-1:30pm
Location: Learning Center, Hall D

Ruth B. Goldstein, MD

Uterus and Endometrium

​Type: Refresher Course - Gynecologic Ultrasound (An Interactive Session)

Date: Sun, Nov. 29, 2:00-3:30pm
Location: Room E353B
Thomas M. Link, MD, PhD

Differentiating Appendicular Inflammatory from Degenerative Arthritis

​Type: Refresher Course - Contemporary Problems in Arthritis Evaluation (An Interactive Session)

Details: This lecture will provide information and helpful pointers on how to differentiate inflammatory and degenerative arthropathies. 

Date: Sun, Nov. 29, 2:00-3:30pm
Location: Room E450B
Ronald L. Arenson, MD

Sunday Afternoon Plenary Session

Type: Plenary Session

Date: Sun, Nov. 29, 4:00-5:45pm
Location: Arie Crown Theater

John Kurhanewicz, PhD

Hyperpolarized 13C MR Clinical Trials of Prostate Cancer​

​Type: Hot Topic Session - PET/MR and Hyperpolarized MR for GU Imaging

Details: This lecture describes currently funded hyperpolarized 13C MR clinical trials of prostate cancer patients and provides the clinical and biological rationale for these trials.

Date: Mon, Nov. 30, 7:15- 8:15am
Location: Room E450B
John MacKenzie, MD

Pediatric Elbow MR

Type: Refresher Course - Pediatric Series: MSK

Date: Mon, Nov. 30, 8:030am- 12:00pm
Location: Room N230
Lynne S. Steinbach, MD

Pitfalls in Knee MRI Interpretation 

Type: Refresher Course - Musculoskeletal Series: Kniee and Hip MR Imaging

Date: Mon, Nov. 30, 8:30 am- 12:00pm
Location: Room E451B
Karen G. Ordovas, MD, MAS

Non Infiltrative Non-ischemic Cardiomyopathies (HCM, Noncompaction, ARVD, Myocarditis, Takatzubo etc.)

Type: Refresher Course - Imaging Nonischemic and Ischemic Disease of the Myocardium

Date: Mon, Nov. 30, 8:30- 10:00am
Location: Room S504AB
Michael Hope, MD

A Simple Approach to Interstitial Lung Disease

​Type: Refresher Course - Commons Dilemmas in Lung Imaging 

Details: Objectives of this course are: 1) Indentifying key findings of lung fibrosis and small airways disease. 2) Listing 4 telltale findings of specific subtypes of interstitial lung disease. 3) Applying a simple methods for reliable characterization of the majority of cases of interstitial lung disease.

Date: Mon, Nov. 30, 8:30- 10:00am
Location: Room E450B

Judy Yee, MD
Stephen D. Brown, MD
Stuart G. Silverman, MD
Michael J. Callaham, MD

Communicating Effectively with Patients (Sponsored by the RSNA Public Information Committee)

Type: Refresher Course

Date: Mon, Nov. 30, 8:30- 10:00am
Location: Room S104A

Alexandra Gersing, MD
Benedikt Schwaiger, MD
Martin Solka
Ursula Heilmeier

Uwe Feuerriegel
Michael Nevitt, MD
Michael McCulloch, MD
Thomas Link, MD, PhD 

Weight Loss is Associated with Slower Cartilage Degeneration over 48 Months in Obese and Overweight Subjects: Data from the Osteoarthritis Initiative

Date: Mon, Nov. 30
Press Conference: 9:30 am
Scientific Presentation: 10:50-11:00 am
SSC07 | E450B

Karen G. Ordovas, MD, MAS

Introduction to Research for International Young Academics - Oral Presentation of Scientific Research

Date: Mon, Nov. 30, 10:50- 11:20am
Location: Room N133

Vanja Varenika, MD
Amelie Lutz, MD
Chris Beaulieu, MD
Matt Bucknor, MD

Retrospective MRI analysis of variant sciatic nerve anatomy in relation to the piriformis muscle.

Type: Poster Discussion

Date: Mon, Nov. 30, 12:15pm
Location: Learning Center, Hall D

Ronald L. Arenson, MD

Monday Plenary Session

Type: Plenary Session

Date: Mon, Nov. 30, 1:30- 2:45pm
Location: Arie Crown Theater
Daniel B. Vigneron, PhD

Hyperpolarized MRI of Prostate Cancer

Type:Molecular Imaging Symposium: Oncologic MI Applications

Date: Mon, Nov. 30, 1:30- 3:00pm
Location: Room S405AB.

Jessica H. Hayward, MD

Is One Prior Enough: Does Comparing with Multiple Prior Examinations Impact Recall Rates at Screening Mammography?

Type: Science Session - Breast Imaging (Screening Issues)

Details: Comparison with one or more prior mammograms significantly reduced the screening mammography recall rate relative to interpretation without priors.  Comparison with multiple prior mammograms resulted in a trend towards further reduction in recall rate relative to comparison with a single prior, but the result was not statistically significant after adjustment for patient age.  Work is ongoing to evaluate results in the context of breast density in addition to patient age, and to evaluate additional metrics of positive predictive value and cancer detection rate.

Date: Mon, Nov. 30, 3:40pm
Location: Room E450A

Thomas M. Link, MD, PhD

T2, T2*, T1rho and dGEMRIC as Biomarkers of Cartilage Integrity

Type: Hot Topic Session - Quantitative MR Biomarkers in MSK System

Details: This lecture will update the reader on compositional cartilage imaging of joints; it will present recent developments, results of clinical studies and potential applications. 

Date: Tues, Dec. 1, 7:15- 8:15am
Location: Room E350

John Kurhanewicz, PhD

The Emerging Clinical Role of Hyperpolarized 13C MR in Prostate Cancer Imaging

Type: Refresher Course - PET-MR/Hyperpolarized MR

Details: This lecture describes the evolving clinical role of hyperpolarized 13C MR for assessing prostate cancer presence, aggressiveness and therapeutic response.

Date: Tues, Dec. 1, 2015, 8:30-10:00am
Location: Room S504CD

Soonme Cha, MD

BOOST: CNS-Oncology Anatomy (An Interactive Session)

Type: Interactive Session

Date: Tues, Dec. 1, 2015, 8:30-10:00am
Location: Room S103CD

Bonnie N. Joe, MD, PhD

Breast Series:  Emerging Technologies in Breast Imaging

Type: Refresher Course

Date: Tues, Dec. 1, 2015, 8:30am-12:00pm
Location: Arie Crown Theater

Ronald L. Arenson, MD

Tuesday Plenary Session

Type: Plenary Session

Date: Tues, Dec. 1, 1:30- 2:45pm
Location: Arie Crown Theater
Soonmee Cha, MD

BOOST: CNS Tumor Board-Case-based Review of PET/MR Imaging and Role in the Clinical Treatment Management of Brain Tumors (An Interactive Session)

Type: Interactive Session

Date: Tues, Dec. 1, 2015, 3:00- 4:15pm
Location: Room S103CD
Judy Yee, MD

Interpretative Pitfalls at CTC

Type: Refresher Course - Gastointestinal: CT Colonography (CTC)

Details: This presentation will provide a discussion of the causes of errors of interpretation on CT colonography. The appearances of common and common pitfalls will be demonstrated. The differential diagnosis of morphologic types of lesions will be preseted.Accurate lesion measurement is essential for CT colonography since this directly impacts management recommendations. Causes of inaccurate measurements will be reviewed along with strategies as to how to improve measurement accuracy. 

Date: Tues, Dec. 1, 2015, 4:30- 6:00pm
Location: Room E451A
Michael Hope, MD

Aortic Imaging - Beyond Diameters

Type: Refresher Course - Advanced Vascular Imaging Techniques and Applications

Details: The objectives of this refresher course are: 1) Explaining why imaging approaches beyond assessment of vessel diameter are needed for improved risk stratitifcation of aortic disease. 2) Listing potential aortic imaging targets for improved evaluation of disease progression. 3) Appraising the merits of advanced aortic imaging techniques including the use of MRI and PET for the evaluation of aortic hemodynamics and vessel wall inflammation.

Date: Tues, Dec. 1, 2015, 4:30- 6:00pm
Location: Room S504AB
Benedikt J. Schwaiger, M.D.

Grade 1 Cartilage Lesions in the Knee are Precursors of more Severe Cartilage Damage – Data from the Osteoarthritis Initiative

Type: Refresher Course - Musculoskeletal Series: Current Trends in Musculoskeletal Imaging

Details: Signal abnormalities in the articular cartilage of the knee, which were previously reported inconsistently, progress to more severe focal cartilage defects in 57%. Therefore, reporting them might support early therapeutic decisions.

Date: Wed, Dec. 2, 2015, 8:30am- 12:00pm
Location: Room E451B
Soonmee Cha, MD

Post-therapy Brain Tumors: Imaging Pitfalls and Strategy

Type: Refresher Course

Date: Wed, Dec. 2, 2015, 8:30am- 12:00pm
Location: Room E451A
Ronald L. Arenson, MD

Wednesday Plenary Session

Type: Plenary Session

Date: Wed, Dec. 1, 2015, 1:30- 2:45pm
Location: Arie Crown Theater

Kavi K. Devulapalli, MD, MPH

Alisa Gean, MD

Jared Narvid, MD

Esther Yuh, MD

Bhavya Rehani, MD

Alina Uzelac, DO

Jason Talbott, MD, PhD

Utility of Repeat Head CT in Mild Traumatic Brain Injury (mTBI) Patients Presenting with Small Isolated Falcine or Tentorial Subdural Hematoma (SDH)*

Delayed Intracranial Hemorrhage (ICH) in Patients Receiving Anti-coagulant or Prescription Anti-platelet (ACAP) Medication after Mild Blunt Trauma: Is Repeat hCT Necessary?

Type: Science Session - Emergency Radiology (Neurologic Emergencies)

*This presentation to be covered by the Daily Bulletin, the official newspaper of the RSNA annual meeting. 

Date: Wed, Dec. 2, 2015, 3:00- 4:00pm
Location: Room S403B

Eric C. Ehman, MD
Sarah Umetsu, MD, PhD
Nicholas Fidelman, MD
Linda Ferrell, MD
Michael A. Ohliger, MD, PhD
Benjamin M. Yeh, MD
Judy Yee, MD
Thomas A. Hope, MD

CT and MR Imaging Features to Predict Residual or Recurrent Hepatocellular Carcinoma after Trans-arterial or Percutaneous Treatment

Type: Science Session - Gastrointestinal (Loco-regional Therapy Liver Imaging)

Date: Wed, Dec. 2, 2015, 3:00- 4:00pm
Location: Room E353A

Cody W. McHargue, BA
Arti D. Shah, MD
Judy Yee, MD
Priyanka Jha, MBBS
Isabel Allen
Donald Chau, BA
Robert Rushakoff, MD

The Effect of IV Contrast on Renal Function in Patients on Metformin

Type: Science Session - ISP: Genitourinary (Intravenous Contrast Issues and CT Dose Reduction)

Date: Wed, Dec. 2, 2015, 3:00- 4:00pm
Location: Room E352

Judy Yee, MD
Mitchell E. Tublin, MD
Aaron D. Sodickson, MD, PhD
D. Mark Courtney, MD, MSc

Controversy Session: Ultrasound versus CT for Suspected Renal Colic: Which Modality Rocks in the ER?

Type: Hot Topics/ Controvery Sessions

Date: Wed, Dec. 2, 2015, 4:30- 6:00pm
Location: Room S404CD
Jeanne M. Laberge, MC

Controversy Session: Interventional Radiology of the Future: Hoarders or Stewards?

Type: Hot Topics/ Controvery Sessions

Date: Thurs, Dec. 3, 7:15-8:15am
Location: Room E351

Edward A. Sickles, MD

BI-RADS Mammography

Type: Refresher Course - BI-RADS (An Interactive Session)

Details: This course will teach radiologists how to use Breast Imaging Reporting and Data System (BI-RADS) to improve the content, consistency in wording, and interpretive accuracy of mammography reports. 

Date: Thurs, Dec. 3, 8:30-10:00am
Location: Room E450A

Lynne S. Steinbach, MD

Case-based Review of Musculoskeletal Radiology (An Interative Session)

Type: Interactive Session

Date: Thurs, Dec. 3, 8:30-10:00am
Location: Room S406A

Judy Yee, MD
Whitney Fishman Zember, MBA
Susan D. John, MD
Elliot K. Fishman, MD

Tweet This: How to Make Radiology More Patient Centered (Sponsored by the RSNA Public Information Committee)

Type: Refresher Course

Date: Thurs, Dec. 3, 8:30-10:00am
Location: Room S403A

Hugh CJ McGregor, MD
Maythem Saeed, DVM, PhD
Andrew Surman, BS
 Eric C. Ehman, MD
Steven W. Hetts, MD
Mark W. Wilson, MD
Miles B. Conrad, MD

Feasibility of Gallbladder Cryoablation: Proof of Concept in a Swine Model**

Type: Refresher Course - Interventional Series: Non-Vascular Interventions

**Recipient of the Trainee Research Prize

Date: Thurs, Dec. 3, 8:30 am - 12:00pm
Location: Room N226
RC614 - 08

Alexandra S. Gersing, MD
Benedikt J. Schwaiger, MD
Ursula R. Heilmeier, MD
John A. Lynch, PhD
Charles E. McCulloch
Lynne S. Steinbach, MD
Thomas M. Link, MD, PhD

Calcium Pyrophosphate Deposition Disease Detected with MRI Is Associated with Accelerated Cartilage Degeneration-Data from the Osteoarthritis Initiative

Type: Science Session - Musculoskeletal (Arthritis)

Date: Thurs, Dec. 3, 10:30am-12:00pm
Location: Room E451A

Maythem Saeed, DVM, PhD

Resorption of Microembolized Ischemic Myocardium Assessed and Characterized on MRI and Microscopy

Type: Poster Presentation - Cardiac Thursday Poster Discussion

Date: Thurs, Dec. 3, 12:15-12:45pm
Location: Learning Center, CA Community

Rina Patel, MD
Daria Motamedi, MD

Loaded versus Unloaded Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) of the Knee: Effect on Meniscus Extrusion in Healthy Volunteers and Patients with Osteoarthritis.

Type: Poster Presentation 

Details: Examination of the effect of loaded (or weighted) MRI of the knee on the evaluation meniscus extrusion in patients with and without osteoarthritis.

Date: Thurs, Dec. 3, 12:45-1:15pm
Location: Learning Center, Hall D

Michael Hope, MD

4D Flow Applications in Adult Cardiovascular Disease

Type: Hot Topic Session - 4D Flow Cardiac MRI

Details: Objectives of this hot topic session are: 1) Assessing the potential clinical utility of recent advancements in 4D Flow imaging for adult cardiovascular disease. 2) Discussing possible clinical applications of unique 4D Flow hemodynamic parameters including regional aortic pulse wave velocity, flow displacement and helicity, and turbulence.

Date: Thurs, Dec. 3, 3:00 - 4:00pm
Location: Room S402AB
Mariam S. Aboian, MD, PhD

DNA ChemoFilter: Novel Method to Prevent Toxicity from Intra-Arterial Administration of Chemotherapeutic

Type: Refresher Course

Date: Fri, Dec. 4, 8:30am - 12:00pm
Location: Room N228



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