Robin Ippisch, PhD Appointed as Director of the UCSF Radiopharmaceutical Facility (Cyclotron)

The UC San Francisco Department of Radiology and Biomedical Imaging is pleased to announce that Robin Ippisch, PhD has accepted the position of Director of the UCSF Radiopharmaceutical Facility (cyclotron). She began her appointment on Monday, March 1, 2021.

Dr. Ippisch led the cyclotron facility and its multidisciplinary team of chemists, engineers and technologists as interim director since July 2020. Her tenure as interim director was characterized by her dedication and energy which has resulted in such outstanding achievements like the implementation of initiatives to ensure adherence to regulations governing the production and manufacture of GMP radiopharmaceuticals and the management of multiple projects including those that address quality and adherence to 21CFR212 regulations. Dr. Ippisch also has devoted herself to the recruitment and construction of a dynamic team that resides at China Basin.

In her role as Director of the Radiopharmaceutical Facility, Dr. Ippisch will oversee all aspects of radiopharmaceutical production at UCSF. She will be responsible for ensuring all activities comply with federal and state regulations. Also, she will continue to prioritize patient safety and is committed to working with faculty and staff to meet the demands for clinical radiopharmaceuticals which includes supporting the translation of new radiopharmaceuticals from bench to clinical applications.

Dr. Ippisch joined the department for the second time in March 2020. She quickly gained the respect of her peers and supervisors which made her the obvious candidate to take on the interim director role when it became available in July. Prior to re-joining UCSF, Robin worked as a research scientist at Avid Radiopharmaceuticals. She also previously served as a postdoctoral researcher and radiochemistry associate at Avid. Prior to completing her postdoctoral work, Robin was a staff research associate and laboratory assistant in the department. Robin earned a PhD in Biomedical Engineering at UC Davis and a BS in Chemistry at Mills College of Oakland.

“We look forward to Robin's respectful leadership and contributions to the radiopharmaceutical facility,” says Sharmila Majumdar, PhD, vice chair of research, and Robert Flavell, MD, PhD, chief of Molecular Imaging & Therapeutics. “Please join us in wishing Robin great success as she begins this new phase of her career.”

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