While the results of the NLST are encouraging for early lung cancer detection, additional unexpected benefits require supplementary research.

San Francisco General Hospital has become the first hospital in the country to gain certification for treatment of traumatic brain injury based on its medical skills, imaging technologies, neuro- monitoring capabilities, and research.

UCSF has launched the Lung Cancer Screening Program, an initiative designed for early cancer detection through low- dose CT.

A recent special featuring UCSF's Dr. Pratik Mukherjee, M.D., Ph. D., explored the difficulties in using medical imaging technologies to research the effects of concussions on the human brain, focusing on those sustained through athletic injuries.

Brain imaging, while crucial, is very difficult to perform on newborn babies. UCSF has pioneered the use of MRI to look for evidence of abnormality or injury on newborns.

Future UCSF radiology resident, Dr. Vignesh Arasu, M.D., discusses reducing the large number of false positives generated using breast MRI to detect breast cancer.