Celebrating Certified Nurses

On Certified Nurses Day, March 19, we say thank you to all the dedicated Radiology nurses for your commitment to excellence in patient care. We’re proud of your accomplishments and celebrate your outstanding contributions to our Radiology team.

Newly Certified Radiologic Nurses Peg Freitag, Jennifer Grey and Denise Lee at UCSF’s Mission Bay Campus.

Congratulations to registered nurses Peg Freitag, Jennifer Grey and Denise Lee, who recently completed the Certified Radiologic Nurse (CRN) exam and are now certified in the field of radiologic nursing.

“I am proud of our nursing team, many with specialty certifications. Their commitment to excellence, continued education, and performance improvements, exemplifies the value of our nursing staff,” said administrative nurse Charlene Fong, RN. “Their specialty knowledge, experience, and commitment are much appreciated, and I know with confidence that our patients are recipients of their great care.”

Administered by the Association for Radiologic & Imaging Nursing (ARIN), the CRN certification is a specialized credential for registered nurses who work in the field of radiology and imaging. The certification validates a nurse's expertise in patient care before, during, and after radiologic and imaging procedures and demonstrates the nurse’s ability to provide comprehensive care in settings where diagnostic imaging, interventional procedures, and radiation therapy are conducted.

By Arleen Bandarrae