Bruce Hasegawa Award 2018

The annual Hasegawa Award recognizes a radiology and biomedical imaging graduate student or postdoctoral scholar exemplifying the scope and quality of investigation demonstrated by Dr. Hasegawa during his career. The Hasegawa Award is presented each year at the Department of Radiology and Biomedical Imaging’s Annual Research Symposium, held this year on Tuesday, October 23, 2018 at UCSF.

Bruce Hasegawa, PhD (1954-2008) was a distinguished scientist, teacher and mentor whose UCSF research career focused on medical physics and bioengineering. His research was highlighted by his pioneering work combining SPECT functional imaging with CT anatomical imaging to produce the first combined dual-modality imaging system, SPECT/CT.

Past Hasegawa Awardees
2009: David Minh Pham, PhD
2010: R. Dana Carpenter, PhD
2011: Simon Hu, PhD
2012: Kayvan Keshari, PhD
2013: Myriam Chaumeil, PhD
2014: Ilwoo Park, PhD
2015: Valentina Pedoia, PhD
2016: Trey Jalbert, PhD
2017: Caroline Guglielmetti, PhD
2018: Chengcheng Zhu, PhD

The research done by Hasegawa awardees continues Dr. Hasegawa’s vision. At the core of Dr. Hasegawa’s work was a desire to improve the ability to diagnose and treat disease through improved imaging techniques and modalities, and recipients of the Hasegawa award have exemplified this goal.