BBC Highlights Scan Suites & Other High Tech Mission Bay Features

Perhaps BBC World News says it best: UCSF Medical Center at Mission Bay is no ordinary healthcare facility. In this new report, BBC North America technology correspondent Richard Taylor reports on how UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital is aiming to provide a high tech and innovative experience to healthcare.

Here at the newly opened Mission Bay, you'll find the latest technology, including telemedicine, robotics and intra-operative imaging, as well as space to accommodate tomorrow's innovations. Built alongside UC San Francisco's vibrant research hub, our new hospitals bring together leading physicians and scientists to accelerate the translation of laboratory discoveries into actual treatments and cures. All of this is housed in a structure that incorporates the highest standards of patient safety, energy efficiency, seismic readiness and environmental sustainability.

Featured in the video are a number of the unique and revolutionary scan suites, available for patients undergoing MRI or SPECT and CT. Because these procedures can take anywhere from 30 minutes to one hour, and since certain types of scans, like those for cancer patients, are extra stressful, it’s necessary for these imaging suites to be as child-friendly and tranquil as possible. From LED mood lighting and projections to familiar and fun wall and machine decals, all of the suites are designed with keeping patients as at-ease as possible.

The design of the rooms was the result of collaboration between GE Healthcare and a UCSF team comprised of faculty, staff, patients and their families participating in workshops and “visioning sessions” in which optimal features of the suites were identified and the feasibility of implementing them were discussed. Opinions were also sought from pediatric patients who viewed suite mock-ups.


To learn more about innovations at Mission Bay, click here.

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