20th Annual Research Symposium Highlights Biomedical Imaging Innovations

2023 Image Research Symposium

Imaging scientists presented ground-breaking radiology research and biomedical imaging innovations at the 20th Annual UCSF Radiology Imaging Research Symposium on Wednesday, Nov. 15, at Genentech Hall in Mission Bay. 

The symposium featured 18 speakers, who presented their work in seven-minute sessions, a display of more than 40 scientific posters, and an annual awards ceremony. Research topics covered a broad range of imaging techniques – CT, MR, PET, SPECT, MEG, EEG, optical imaging, and ultrasound – with a focus on cancer and disease, artificial intelligence, medical informatics, and MR/CT contrast agent development.

This year’s annual award winners announced at the symposium are:

UCSF students and faculty receiving awards.

The annual Hasegawa Award recognizes a radiology and biomedical imaging graduate student or postdoctoral scholar exemplifying the scope and quality of investigation demonstrated by Dr. Hasegawa during his career. And, in memory of Dr. Rahul Desikan, the Rahul Desikan award recognizes the contributions of an outstanding junior faculty member.

Tiffany Ngan was awarded the Best Podium Presentation Award for her talk, “Neural correlates of trait resilience in healthy adolescents,” about research on the adolescent brain aimed at better understanding and addressing adolescent mental health during this critical time for brain development.

Ivina Mali won Best Poster Award for her scientific poster, “Detecting early response of small cell neuroendocrine prostate cancer to chemotherapy in patient derived xenograft metastatic models using hyperpolarized 13C MR imaging.”

Sharmila Majumdar presentingIn opening remarks, department Chair Christopher P. Hess, MD, PhD, and Vice Chair of Research Sharmila Majumdar, highlighted UCSF’s $50 million grant portfolio and focused on the important opportunity this symposium offers for both distinguished and up-and-coming researchers to share their discoveries and ideas with the UCSF community. 

To view a recording of the speaker presentations, visit Imaging Research Symposium.

Each year the symposium offers faculty, research staff, residents, fellows, post-docs and students the opportunity to showcase their research, exchange ideas, and identify possible collaborations. This year, more than 100 in-person attendees watched the presentations, and viewed the poster displays, with even more watching the virtual broadcast.

By Arleen Bandarrae