Neuro Interventional

UCSF, UC Berkeley and 3D Printer Carbon, Inc. Team Up to Create a Drug Sponge to Absorb Excess Chemotherapy Medication

Steven Hetts, MD, and a team from his lab, UC Berkeley and Carbon Inc. (3D printer) developed a drug sponge, that removes excess chemotherapy from the blood while treating tumors, preventing toxicity.

UCSF Neuro Interventional Radiology: Making Minimally Invasive Surgeries a Reality

The following is a guest post from Keith Kim, a UC Berkeley Bioengineering student who participated in the Summer Biodesign Immersion Experience. Through the BIE Cohort, Keith and his classmates had the opportunity to observe some medical procedures done at the NeuroIR in real-time.

Guy’s Story: Diagnosing & Treating CCF at the San Francisco VA

When Guy McCarty’s vision began to deteriorate and his eye movement became restricted, he relied on the team at the San Francisco VA Medical Center. They diagnosed the problem as carotid cavernous fistula, or CCF, and helped to restore his vision. Here is Guy’s story.

Time Is of the Essence When Treating Stroke

UCSF is a major referral center for all types of strokes and diseases affecting the brain, head, neck, and spine. Dr. Randall Higashida, chief of neuro interventional radiology, explains why seeking medical attention immediately is crucial.

The Significance of Coordinated Teamwork in Research and Clinical Medicine

In our latest video, Dr. Hetts describes the complex roles of different clinical subspecialities, departments, and medical centers who work together on research studies and the diagnosis and treatment of patients with challenging problems.

Making San Francisco the Safest Place to Have a Stroke

The San Francisco Stroke Initiative links UCSF Moffitt Hospital and Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital to improve the outcome of stroke patients.

Celebration of Life: 20 Years after Life-Saving Procedure, Patient Honors Care Team

Twenty years ago, patient Elaina Rose Lovejoy knew something was wrong. Today, after undergoing a potentially life-saving procedure, she’s happy and healthy. She planned something special to thank the care team who treated her two decades ago.

Pulsatile Tinnitus: One Patient’s Quest to End Ominous "Wooshing" in Her Ear

Five million Americans suffer from a condition called pulsatile tinnitus. This is Alla’s story.  

New MRI-Guided Catheter Shows Major Potential for Stroke Treatment

A new investigative tool can navigate through blood vessels from the groin to the brain in search for blood clots using MRI-guided navigation.

Constant Innovation in Vascular Imaging to Better Serve Veterans

Nearly half the American population suffers some kind of vascular disease in their lifetime. Dr. David Saloner, PhD, and the Vascular Imaging Research Center at the San Francisco VA Medical Center are studying the progression of vascular disease.