Biomedical NMR Lab

Research Mission: Discovery and Clinical Translation of Imaging Biomarkers

  • Multinuclear 1- and 2-dimensional high resolution magic angle spinning (HR-MAS) spectroscopic studies of intact human and animal tissues and biofluids
  • Multinuclear NMR studies of tissue extracts
  • Ex vivo multinuclear NMR and hyperpolarized 13C  spectroscopic studies of 3-D tissue and cell cultures in MR compatible engineered perfusion systems (bioreactors)
  • In vivo multiparametric 1H MRI and hyperpolarized 13C MR of murine models on the 14T micro-imaging spectrometer
  • Ex vivo multiparametric 1H micro-imaging of animal model and human tissues

Rates: NMR - HRMAS



Rate Description Unit Internal Rate External Rate Rate Change Effective Date Internal Rate Change Pending External Rate Change Pending
Pre-clinical Imaging Core Services Scan Rate hour $118.00 $148.68      
Technician Support hour $67.00 $84.42      
HyperSense Polariser sample $72.00 $90.72      
Pass through expense   at cost at cost + 26%      


PET-CT is clinical equipment.  The research rates ("ZZ" rates) are established through negotiation with DHHS based on a discount from the published fee schedule. For rate quotations for clinical equipment, contact Enrique Menendez, Director of Research Administration at