Javier Caravaca Rodriguez, PhD

Professional Researcher
Assoc Professional Researcher


With my background in nuclear and particle physics, and expertise in particle detectors, I develop cutting-edge radiation detectors to improve current diagnosis and therapy techniques for a number of diseases, including cancer. My main interests are exploring novel designs for SPECT and PET systems to improve their performance and expand their range of application to other pathologies. In particular, I develop new SPECT detectors for alpha and beta theranostics, explore new avenues of exploiting Cherenkov light in TOF-PET, and spearhead Monte Carlo techniques to improve dosimetry in preclinical radiation therapy.


Postdoctoral, 08/2020 - Neutrino Physics, University of California, Berkeley
PhD, 07/2014 - Experimental Particle Physics, University Autonomous of Barcelona
MSc, 06/2010 - Particle Physics and Cosmology, University of Barcelona
B.S., 07/2009 - Physics, University of Granada

Honors and Awards

Breakthrough Prize, 2016