Send Images To / From UCSF

Below is a list of facilities that UCSF can electronically receive studies from or send studies to.

If you need studies to be sent to UCSF, call the number associated with the facility and ask them to send the studies to UCSF.  If the study needs to be sent from UCSF to a remote facility, please contact the UCSF Imaging Library at (415) 353-1640, (option 3) and inform them of where you would like the studies sent to. Alternatively, patients can transfer their images from a CD or USB flash drive to UCSF Radiology by following these instructions.

You can check on the status of images transferred by outside facilities or patients by clicking on the web link below. 


  1. Click:
  2. Login using your Medical Center / Apex user name and password
  3. Enter the patient’s name or MRN (of the sender’s) in the “Search exams” window
  4. Select patient study and to the upper right select “viewer”

External Imaging Contacts