Developing biomarkers to help treat tumors

Sabrina Ronen, PhD, is focused on developing new, non-invasive imaging biomarker indicators that characterize tumors. Ronen and her team are developing bio-markers that enable them to confirm delivery of a drug to the tumor. Once the oncologist has this information s/he can determine how to treat the patient in a much more precise and personalized way, targeting the treatment to the individual tumor. In this manner, the Ronen lab addresses breast cancer, prostate cancer and the higher-grade aggressive glioblastoma brain tumors as well as lower-grade, somewhat less aggressive brain tumors. They are pushing the envelope to work toward improving patient outcomes.  The team focuses on the science and on delivering the very best possible imaging to the patient in-trial and in-clinic. The translation of research to the clinic provides us the ultimate achievement of our goals.


Co-Director, Neuroimaging RIG
Professor in Residence

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