UCSF Radiology at RSNA 2018

Benjamin M. Yeh, MD
RC309-05: "New Applications of Multi-energy CT"
(Tue) Nov 27, 2018 -9:15 amE451A
Scott B. Werwath
SSG06-02: "Automated Determination of Radiology Reports Requiring Urgent Communication Using Intelligent Word Embeddings"
(Tue) Nov 27, 2018 -10:30 amN230B
David M. Naeger, MD
MSCC32A: "Nuclear Medicine: PET/CT Workshop – Chest and Musculoskeletal PET/CT"
(Tue) Nov 27, 2018 -10:30 amE450B
Javier Villanueva-Meyer, MD
SSG10-02: "Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors Against Glioblastoma: Imaging Assessment of Therapy Response"
(Tue) Nov 27, 2018 -10:30 amE353A
Karen G. Ordovas, MD
RC303: "Cardiac Series: Emerging Cardiovascular MR and CT Imaging Techniques"
(Tue) Nov 27, 2018 -11:30 amE350
Peter Chang, MD
RC305-12: "The Present and Future of Deep Learning in Neuroradiology: What Can We Do Now and What We Will Be Able to Accomplish"
(Tue) Nov 27, 2018 -11:30 amS406B
Evan D. Calabrese, MD, PhD
SSG10-09: "Deep Learning-Based Analysis of Quantitative MRI Features to Identify IDH-Mutant Glioblastoma Multiform"
(Tue) Nov 27, 2018 -11:45 amE353A
Neeta Kannan, MD
BR241-SD-TUA1: "Evaluating the Timeliness of Abnormal Mammography Follow-up Based on Race at an Urban Safety Net Hospitalty"
(Tue) Nov 27, 2018 -12:15 pmBR Community, Learning Center
Heather Goodwood, MD
LL21: "The Future of Women's Breast Health: Breakthrough Technologies in Breast Imaging, Patient Experience and Clinical Research: Presented by Mammosphere (invite-only)"
(Tue) Nov 27, 2018 -12:30 pmS404AB
Nariman Jahani
BR250-SD-TUB4: "Longitudinal Investigation of Tumor Heterogeneity in Breast DCE-MRI to Improve Early Response Assessment to Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy for Locally Advanced Breast Cancer: Results From the ACRIN 6657/I-SPY-1 Trial"
(Tue) Nov 27, 2018 -12:45 pmBR Community, Learning Center
Ronald L. Arenson, MD
: "Gold Medal Award Ceremony Academy for Radiology & Biomedical Imaging Research – Awardee: Ronald L. Arenson, MD"
(Tue) Nov 27, 2018 -3:00 pmN140
Kathleen Kinzer, MD
SSJ06-02: "Science Session: Emergency Radiology: CT Utilization Patterns in an Expanded Level 1 Trauma Center"
(Tue) Nov 27, 2018 -3:00 pmS402AB