Current Personnel

Peter Shin, PhD 
Postdoctoral Researcher

Development of novel MR sequences for improved hyperpolarized MR metabolic imaging

Hsin-Yu Chen Hsin-Yu Chen
Bioengineering Graduate Student

New metabolic and perfusion MRI technique development for improved prostate cancer imaging.

Eugene MilshteynEugene Milshteyn
Bioengineering Graduate Student


Zihan ZhuZihan Zhu
Bioengineering Graduate Student


Brian Chung
Bioengineering Graduate Student


Zihan ZhuDaniele Mammoli
Visiting Graduate Student


Zihan ZhuRie Hansen
Visiting Graduate Student


Mark Van Criekinge, MS
Senior Development Engineer

Mark Van Criekinge joined Vigneron lab as a senior development engineer in June 2007.  He oversees the operation and research development of the carbon-13 polarizers and new hyperpolarization techniques.  

Lucas Carvajal, MS
Senior Development Engineer

Lucas Carvajal’s work focuses on designing and constructing new radiofrequency detectors and related hardware for high field MRI research.  


Cornelius vonMorze, PhD
Senior BioEngineer

Dr. Cornelius von Morze's research focuses on the design and development of novel multi-channel, phased array detectors for high field MR anatomic, spectroscopic and diffusion imaging applications.  

Mary McPolin, RT
Research Technologist

Oversees the operation of the MR scanners for human studies in the Surbeck Laboratory of Advanced Imaging.


Kimberly Okamoto, RN
Research Nurse

Overseeing and performing research nursing and patient care aspects for advanced MR application studies.  


Jenny Che
Program Manager

Assists the center PI, TR&D leaders, co-investigators and partners in project related administrative needs.


Doug Kelley, PhD
Adjunct Professor, GE Healthcare

Dr. Doug Kelley is a GE Scientist who focuses on developing novel techniques for high field 7 Tesla MRI.  

Ana Maria DeLuca
Executive Analyst



Jeremy Gordon
Senior BioEngineer



Past Personnel

Yesu Feng, PhD
Post Doctoral Researcher



Irene Marco-Ruis, PhD
Post Doctoral Researcher



Hong Shang
Bioengineering Graduate Student