UC DOSE Collaboration

The University of California Dose Optimization and Standardization Endeavor

The focus of the UC DOSE Collaboration is to create a collaborative working group of radiologists, physicists, and CT technologists across the UC Medical Centers. This collaboration is supported by the University of California Center for Health Quality and Innovation (CHQI), and was funded from 2011-2014.

UC DOSE collaborators focus on the safety of CT by assessing the doses we are currently using for CT imaging, conducting a robust analysis of the dose distribution data and protocol settings from the five UC sites, and taking steps to optimize and standardize radiation doses across the UC Medical Centers. The goal of dose optimization is to reduce radiation exposure to patients while maintaining diagnostic efficacy of the exam. 

California SB1237

As part of the UC DOSE grant, investigators have developed a model approach that institutions can follow in order to comply with California Senate Bill 1237, passed in 2010, which requires health care providers to collect and record CT radiation dose information in the medical record. The bill required adherence starting July 1, 2012, earning national attention. As part of the bill, physicists must now verify CT radiation doses to ensure that overexposures do not occur. To comply with this new law, hospitals must develop methods to incorporate CT dose information in the patient medical record. This is a dramatic change from current practice -- and centers are scrambling to understand what to report and how to report it. The challenge is both to comply with the law and to provide information in a meaningful fashion.

Click to download a copy of the UCDOSE SB1237 Guidance Document.

UCSF Virtual Symposium

The UC DOSE group collaborated to create a completely free library of lectures on dose optimizatoin topics, entitled the UCSF Virtual Symposium on Radiation Safety and Computed Tomography, which is available on-demand until May 2016. The Symposium focuses on educational efforts to optimize CT radiation dose, and is offered to physicians, technologists, physicists, nurses, medical students, and individuals who want to understand the issues regarding CT radiation dose.

Cavallo Point Retreat 2014

Intervention meeting with project collaborators. Learn More