Majumdar/Link Lab

The Majumdar/Link Lab is part of the Musculoskeletal and Quantitative Imaging Research Group (MQIR) at UCSF.

Research Directions


Staff and Researchers

Barbara Green YipBarbara Green Yip
Administrative Assistant
[email protected]

Barbara Green Yip joined the MQIR group in 2009. She supports 2 PIs and their research groups managing: daily calendar, appointments, reimbursements, purchasing, MQIR website, and cv's.

Susan LinSusan Lin
Financial Analyst
[email protected]

Susan Lin joined the financial team in late 2005. She joined the MQIR team in mid-2006. She provides post-award grant management support for the Department of Radiology and Biomedical Imaging. 

Emma Bahroos
Imaging Program Manager
[email protected]

Emma Bahroos graduated from University of Toronto with a BS in Radiation Sciences.  She gained experience as a medical radiation technologist in Toronto, Canada, in PET, SPECT and MR imaging.  Emma completed her MS in Health Radiation Physics at McMaster University and worked as a health physicist and the laser safety officer for Yale University.  Emma has always found the field of biomedical imaging very interesting and is excited to have gravitated back to it.  Emma enjoys exploring the Bay Area, and having spontaneous adventures and long dinners with friends.

Andrew Burghardt
Research Specialist
[email protected]

Andrew Burghardt manages the Micro-tomography QB3 Core Facility, which includes an ex vivo µCT scanner at QB3 and an in vivo high resolution peripheral QCT (HR-pQCT) scanner at the China Basin Imaging Center. He is involved in a diverse array of collaborations across UCSF departments, UC Berkeley and industry. His research focuses on development of quantitative techniques for microstructural, compositional and biomechanical characterization of cortical and trabecular bone using micro-tomography.

Nattagan Chanchek, MD
Postdoctoral Scholar

[email protected]
Nattagan Chanchek received her MD from the Naresuan University, Phitsanulok, Thailand in 2007. She completed her residency training in diagnostic radiology at Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand in 2013. She worked as radiologist and lecturer at Naresuan University Hospital in 2013 - 2015. In 2015 Nattagan joined the Musculoskeletal and Quantitative Imaging Research Group at UCSF as a postdoctoral scholar with her research focusing on bone and cartilage imagings especially osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis

Aldric Chau
Analyst I
[email protected]

Aldric Chau worked for Alameda/Contra Costa Counties as an Employment Specialist for almost 20 years in the communities.  He worked with refugees and immigrants all over the world.  He later worked as an employment counselor for Alameda County Behavioral Health Care Services to assist mentally challenged populations.  He is of Chinese ancestry and is originally from South Vietnam.  In 2004, Aldric started to work for UCSF in the Epidemiology & Biostatistics Department as an Analyst.  He has worked with various types of imaging data. He was responsible for quantitative morphometry of the spine from spinal radiographs in over 2000 men from the Osteoporotic Fractures in Men (MRos ) study and analyzed the QCT scans for several studies including MRos. His interests in imaging extend to his hobbies: he is an avid and accomplished photographer. He is pleased to join Dr. Majumdar’s research group as a technician in cartilage segmenting of knee MRI 's.

Alexandra S. Gersing, MD
Postdoctoral Scholar
[email protected]

Alexandra Gersing received her MD from the Technical University of Munich in 2011 after spending her last year as medical student (2010-2011) at Harvard Medical School. The focus of her doctoral dissertation was the development of new MR imaging techniques in an experimental stroke model. She began her residency training in radiology and neuroradiology at the Technical University of Munich in 2012 with her research centered on multimodal spine and stroke imaging. In 2014 Alexandra joined the Musculoskeletal and Quantitative Imaging Research Group at UCSF with her research focusing on new MR imaging methods for musculoskeletal imaging.

Michael Girared, PhD
Data Scientist
[email protected]

Michael is concurrently finishing his PhD. in theoretical physics from UC Berkeley while working as a Data Scientist in the CDHI. Projects he's involved in include automatic segmentation of cartilage in the hip as well as classifying various critical conditions in chest X-rays. Mike lives with Danielle, Will and Josie, his wife, son and 4lb chihuahua, in the East Bay.

Julio Brandao Guimaraes, MD
Research Fellow
[email protected]

Julio Guimaraes is a research fellow in Musculoskeletal Radiology and Quantitative Imaging Research (MQIR) Group at UCSF and a board certify musculoskeletal radiologist from Brazil (Federal University of Sao Paulo-UNIFESP-Brazil). His research focuses on new MRI  methods for cartilage imaging, knee osteoarthritis and traumatic knee injuries.

Lauren Hackney, MD
[email protected]

Lauren Hackney received her BA from Yale University and her MD from the Yale School of Medicine. She began her residency training in orthopedic surgery at UCSF before joining the MQIR group in 2014. Her research centers around using advanced imaging techniques to accurately predict progression of osteoarthritis of the hip and knee.

Ursula Heilmeier, MD
Postdoctoral Scholar
[email protected]

Ursula Heilmeier studied medicine at the University of Regensburg Medical School, Germany funded through a scholarship from the German National Academic Foundation. After graduating from Medical School in 2008 she started her residency in radiology at the Ludwig Maximilian University (LMU) hospital in Munich. In 2012, she finished her doctoral thesis ( summa cum laude; in her thesis she investigated macrophage and dendritic cell differentiation.  In the same year she joined MQIR at UCSF as a postdoctoral scholar; her research work focuses on bone and cartilage research.

Gabby Joseph, PhD
Postdoctoral Scholar
[email protected]

Gabby Joseph received her PhD from the UCSF and UC Berkeley Joint Graduate Group in Bioengineering, and her B.S. from UC Berkeley in Mechanical Engineering.  Her research focuses on the development and assessment of novel imaging methods, targeting the early detection of osteoarthritis and degenerative disc disease.  Currently, she is analyzing the the Osteoarthritis Initiative dataset to investigate the natural history of osteoarthritis, and evaluate the utility of MRI in predicting the longitudinal progression of the disease.

Kai Kern
Visiting Graduate Student
[email protected]

Kai Kern is a 5th year medical student from Hamburg University, Germany (Universität Hamburg-Eppendorf) and he will work within the MQIR group for the next 6 months. He will do on cartilage segmentation and focus on patients with Osteoarthtitis and surgery.

Sonia Lee
Radiologist and Research Associate
[email protected]

Sonia Lee is a American board certified radiologist, who graduated from the Catholic University of Korea, received clinical training as a physician in Seoul, Korea, Columbus, Ohio, and Canton, Ohio, and ultimately in San Francisco, California. Her research interest include musculoskeletal radiology, especially the hip joint abnormalities and shoulder rotator cuff pathology.

Sergey Magnitsky, PhD
Assistant Researcher
[email protected]

Sergey Magnitsky received his PhD from the School of Physics, Department of Biophysics at Moscow State University. His primary research interest was to investigate the physical-chemical principals of energy production in living cells. He developed a new method of EPR (Electron Paramagnet Resonance) spectroscopy to examine electron-proton coupling in chloroplasts. Then he joined the Department of Biochemistry and Biophysics at the University of Pennsylvania where he continued to study the mechanisms of energy production in animal cells. In 2000 he joined the Department of Radiology at University of Pennsylvania and worked on several research projects. He developed noninvasive method to diagnose Lysosomal Storage Diseases (LSD) in cats and dogs using MRI, in vivo monitoring of gene delivery for the treatment of LSD using PET and MRI, and identification and characterization of melanoma initiating cells using optical imaging and MRI. He joined the department of Radiology at UCSF in May of 2013 and currently focusing on development of new methods for delivery and monitoring of stem cell treatment for bone diseases. Also, he is continuing characterization of cancer initiation cells and their role in tumor development.

Sarah Mehany, MD
Postdoctoral Schloar
[email protected]

Sarah Mehany received her MD at the Medical University of Vienna in 2017. She is now working as a Postdoctoral Scholar at the Musculoskeletal and Quantitative Imaging Research (MQIR) group at the University of California, San Francisco. Projects she’s involved in include classifying knee osteoarthritis in MR images and various critical conditions in chest X-rays for future use in machine learning applications.

Hatef Mehrabian, PhD
Postdoctoral Scholar
[email protected]

Dr. Hatef Mehrabian is a Postdoctoral Scholar at the Musculoskeletal and Quantitative Imaging Research (MQRI) group at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF), working on developing quantitative MRI (T1rho & T2) and PET-MRI techniques for musculoskeletal diseases. His research focus is developing quantitative biomarkers of hip and knee osteoarthritis using simultaneous PET-MR imaging. Dr. Mehrabian received his PhD in Medical Biophysics from the University of Toronto in 2014. Prior to joining UCSF, he was a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Sunnybrook Research Institute (Toronto, Canada), working on assessing tumor response to treatment with quantitative MRI (CEST, DCE-MRI and DWI).

Berk Norman
Research Data Analyst
[email protected]

Berk Norman is a Research Data Analyst that received a dual B.A. from Rice University in Statistics and Computational and Applied Mathematics. His research while at Rice was focused on differentiating brain tumors using Machine Learning algorithms at M.D. Anderson Department of Imaging Physics. His work at MQIR now mainly consists of implementing Deep Learning algorithms for multi-tissue segmentation and degradation of the tissue.

Valentina Pedoia, PhD
[email protected]

Valentina Pedoia received her Masters in Telecommunication Engineering from Politecnico di Milano and her doctorate in Medical Computer Science from Insubria University, Italy. The focus of her doctoral dissertation was on the development of an automatic segmentation and classification method for the brain MRI imaging. She joined the MQIR lab as a post doc fellow in June 2013. Her main role in the lab is on developing advanced imaging analysis algorithms and methodologies for improving diagnosis and treatment follow-up of musculoskeletal diseases such as arthritis and joint injury. She is providing support and expertise in medical computer vision with the aim to reduce the human effort and extract semantic features from MRI. She will be working on the development of machine learning techniques to improve the automation on the image analysis and interpretation allowing the development of trials on large cohorts and opening the possibility to employ big data deep learning techniques to exploit latent patterns in the analyzed data.

Jasmine Rossi-Devries
Assistant Clinical Research Coordinator
[email protected]

Jasmine Rossi-deVries received a B.A from University of California, Berkeley in Cognitive Science. She joined the MQIR Lab in 2017 working primarily on hip osteoarthritis research. 

Rutwik Shah
Postdoctoral Scholar
[email protected]

Rutwik received his MD from Maharashtra University of Health Sciences and a Masters in Translational Medicine from the joint UCSF- UC Berkeley Bioengineering program. His current work focuses on building Deep Learning capabilities for Critical Care X-rays. Prior to this, he worked on developing clinical applications of MR guided Focused Ultrasound Surgery (MRgFUS) at UCSF. As a physician scientist, Rutwik is passionate about bringing technology driven solutions  to the clinic.

Kenneth Tang
[email protected]

Kenneth Tang is a premedical Post-Baccalaureate Student and Research Assistant, who received his BA in Psychology and minor in Management from the University of California Irvine. He is currently a pre-medical post-baccalaureate student at Mills College and will be applying to medical schools in 2016. Kenneth joined the MQIR group at UCSF in 2014. His research interests are in advanced imaging of the musculoskeletal system and his current research focuses on quantitative cartilage imaging of osteoarthritis at the knee.

Radhika Tibrewala
Assistant Specialist
[email protected]

Radhika received her undergraduate degree in Biophysics from Toronto followed by her masters in Biomedical Imaging from UCSF. At the MQIR lab, she develops image analysis tools for musculoskeletal imaging and image processing. Her hobbies include mixing coffee brews, becoming friends with animals and reading murder mysteries



  • Hamza Alizai, MD
  • Thomas Baum, MD
  • Radu Bolbos, PhD
  • Julio Carballido-Gamio, PhD
  • Nathaniel Calixto
  • Ko Chiba, MD, PhD
  • Alexander Dillon
  • Frank Ezekiel
  • Jenny Folkesson, PhD
  • Matthew Gallo
  • Aditi Guha
  • Ahi Sema Issever, MD
  • Bjorn Jobke, MD
  • Pia Jungmann, MD
  • Dimitrios Karampinos, PhD
  • Subburaj Karupppasamy, PhD
  • Martin Kretschmar, MD
  • Deepak Kumar, PhD
  • Daniel Kuo
  • Hans Liebl, MD
  • Melissa Lu
  • Megan Marsh
  • Gerd Melkus, Dr. rer. nat.
  • Geetha Mohan, PhD
  • Lorenzo Nardo, MD
  • Narihiro Okazaki, PhD
  • Janina Patsch, MD, PhD
  • Jean-Baptiste Pialat, MD
  • Prachi Pandit, PhD
  • Allison Randolph V
  • Colin Russell
  • Kiyoshi Sada, PhD
  • Benedikt J. Schwaiger, MD
  • Dragana Savic, M.Sc and B.Sc.
  • Joseph Schooler
  • Choongsoo Shin, PhD
  • Justin Singh
  • Martin Solka
  • Carmen Taylor, PhD
  • Anand Venkatachari
  • Cory Wyatt, PhD
  • Zhihong Zhang
  • Jin Zuo, PhD


  • Fayyaz Ahamed
  • Greg Bernstein
  • Sarina Bhandari
  • Kevin Charette
  • Justin Cheung
  • Rohit Curucundhi
  • Shiktij Dave
  • Maxim Daud
  • Isabel Dominik
  • Jasmine Edelstein
  • Charles Fang
  • Kevin Gao
  • Ayushi Gautam
  • Janet Goldenstein
  • Riti Gupta
  • Tanvi Gupta
  • Lindsay Hendrickson
  • Madeline Hess
  • Jeremy Huang
  • Bryce Huerta
  • Karim Ibrahim
  • Ankita Inamdar
  • Gaurav Inamdar
  • Nathan Jenkins
  • Hannah Jergas
  • Solomon Joseph
  • Devashish Joshi
  • Japdeep Kaur
  • Carla Kinnunen
  • Joseph Knox
  • Christina Kurhanewicz
  • Sean Lee
  • Erika Legernes
  • Taylor Leong
  • Lawrence Leung
  • Alan Kar-Ming Li
  • Trisha Lian
  • Katrina Lin
  • Lauren Lo
  • Kimberly Loo
  • Victoria Louie
  • George Lu
  • Justin Lucas
  • Stephen Markham
  • Kira McPolin
  • Katherine Miclau
  • Maya Mundada
  • Divya Narayanan
  • Hash Nattagh
  • Priya Nimbalkar
  • Ezinna Nnabue
  • Adam Noworolski
  • Charles Ouyang
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  • Boyu Pang
  • Joyce Pang
  • Kayla Panora
  • Ishaan Parikh
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  • Derek Speer
  • Zoe Swann
  • Anna Vardapetyan
  • Seth Vigneron
  • Yung Wang
  • Matthew Zhao​​​​​

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Pat Byrd
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