Advanced Cardiac Imaging Lab

Our lab is coordinated by Dr. Jing Liu, PhD and Dr. Karen Ordovas, MD. We are focusing on pre-clinical and clinical research in advanced Cardiac MRI. We develop advanced MRI techniques for comprehensive and quantitative assessment of the heart health. Our research includes developing novel MRI data acquisition techniques and image reconstruction algorithms for 4D cardiovascular MRI, such as cardiac cine imaging, coronary imaging, perfusion imaging, velocity imaging, and tissue parametric mapping, aiming to provide images with high temporal and spatial resolution, less artifacts, and motion robustness in a short scan time.


Jing Liu, PhD
Associate Professor
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Karen Ordovas, MD, MAS
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Kimberly Kallianos, MD
Assistant Professor
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Yan Wang, PhD
Postdoctoral Scholar
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Ana Paula Santos Lima, MD
Associate Specialist
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Vascular MRI

Body MRI

Cardiology, Vascular and Cardiovascular Surgery:

Nuclear Imaging

Musculoskeletal MRI

Neuro MRI

Technical Development


  • NIH/NIBIB K25EB014914, 4D MRI Development for Cardiovascular Imaging (Liu)
  • NIH/NHLBI R56HL133663, Comprehensive quantitative magnetic resonance imaging in assessment of aortic valve disease (Liu)
  • UCSF Radiology Seed #16-23, Comprehensive Quantitative Cardiac MRI on Patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis (Liu)
  • UCSF Radiology-GE Healthcare Global MR Research Partnership - Cardiac MRI (Liu)

 Research Projects

Free-breathing 4D Cardiovascular MRI

Respiratory Self-Gating

Liu J, Feng L, Shen HW, Zhu C, Wang Y, Mukai K, Brooks GC, Ordovas K, Saloner D
Highly-accelerated self-gated free-breathing 3D cardiac cine MRI: validation in assessment of left ventricular function. MAGMA 2017.

Free-Breathing Whole Heart Short-Axis CINE

3T, 1.5 minutes, 1.3x1.8x4.0mm, 40ms, 50% respiratory gating

Free-Breathing 3D Aortic CINE MRI

3T, 3 minutes, 1.3x1.8x2.0mm, 40ms, 50% respiratory gating

Free-Breathing Whole Heart & Aorta CINE

3T, 4 minutes, 1.3x1.8x2.0mm, 40ms, 50% respiratory gating, non-contrast-enhanced

Saggital acquisition and reformated short axis views.

Multi-Contrast Coronary Imaging

Liu J, Nguyen TD, Zhu Y, Spincemaille P, Prince MR, Weinsaft JW, Saloner D, Wang Y
Self-gated free-breathing 3D coronary CINE imaging with simultaneous water and fat visualization.
PLoS One. 2014; 9(2):e89315.

3D Real-time MRI

Sheep scan during vena caval occlusion, 3x3x10mm3, 10 slices, 60ms footprint, 50 fps.

Liu J, Ge L,Haraldsson H, Wang Y, Li F, Zhang Y, Ordovas K, Ratcliffe M, Saloner D
3D Real-Time Cardiac MRI: Preliminary Results on Sheep. SCMR 2017.

Respiratory-Resolved 3D cine (5D) MRI

Respiratory-Resolved 3D cine (5D) MRI
Liu J, Wang Y, Wen Z, Feng L, Lima A, Bolger A, Saloner D, Ordovas K
Cardiac Functional Assessment with Respiratory-Resolved 3D cine MRI
ISMRM Cardiac Function Workshop, 2017

Accelerated 4D Flow MRI

Accelerated Aortic 4D flow imaging

Liu J, Dyverfeldt P, Acevedo-Bolton G, Hope M, Saloner D
Highly accelerated aortic 4D flow MR imaging with variable-density random undersampling. Magn Reson Imaging. 2014 Oct; 32(8):1012-20.

Highly Accelerated 4D Flow in Patients with Intracranial Aneurysm

5.4 mins, 1.3mm3, 26ms, R=11

Liu J, Koskas L, Faraji F, Kao E, Wang Y, Haraldsson H, Kefayati S, Zhu C, Ahn S, Laub G, Saloner D.
Highly Accelerated Intracranial 4D Flow MRI: Evaluation on Healthy Volunteers and Patients with Intracranial Aneurysms. MAGMA, 2017.

Higher Dimensional Velocity Encoding 

5.5mins, VENC = 50 cm/s, 2.5x2.5x7mm, 28ms, R=6

Haraldsson H, Kao E, Wang Y, Saloner D, Liu J
Highly accelerated Multi-Directional Velocity Encoding 4D Flow MRI: feasibility and preliminary results. ISMRM 2017.

Automatic 4D Image Segmentation 

Automatic cardiac segmentation with Level-Set methods

Wang Y, Kao E, Ge L, Feng L, Mukai K, Ordovas K, Saloner D, Liu J
Shape-based Segmentation on 3D Cardiac Cine MRI for Cardiac Functional Measurements.
SCMR 2017.

Automatic Aorta segmentation with Level-Set methods

Wang Y, Ge L, Shen H-W, Kao E, Zhu C, Saloner D, and Liu J
Aortic Functional Measurement with Accelerated Non-Contrast-Enhanced 3D Aortic CINE MRI. ISMRM 2016.

Tissue Characterization

Block Equation SimulaTion based Fast 3D Quantitative MRI Parametric MAPping (BESTMAP)

3T, 3.4 mins, 1.3x1.8x8mm, 85ms, 50% respiratory gating, R=11

Associate Professor, Adjunct
Assistant Adjunct Professor