Pre-Clinical Imaging Core Services

Tissue and small animal imaging, including experiment and protocol design, image processing, and data analysis.

7T MRI at China Basin
Anatomic imaging in rodents and small mammals with multi-parametric, multi-modality imaging capabilities, dynamic contrast enhancement imaging, experimental design services.  Learn more

Biomedical NMR Lab
Metabolic imaging and metabolic flux of hyperpolarized 13C-labelled agents, high-resolution microimaging at 14.1T,  detection and quantification of metabolites in intact tissue and fluids.  Learn more

MicroPET/CT and MicroSPECT/CT
MicroPET, microSPECT, microCT, X-SPECT/X-O, as well as dual modality microPET/CT and microSPECT/CT imaging.  Learn more
Nuclear-Optical Imaging
Bioluminescence, fluorescence, optical tomography and multimodality optical/CT/MR imaging.  Learn more
Quantitative Micro-Imaging
Bone architecture imaging, quantitative morphometry, HR-pQCT, fine element biomechanical analysis, cancer and biomaterials imaging, and archaeological specimens imaging.  Learn more
RF Coil Development
Design and production of RF coils and coil arrays for in vivo proton and other nuclei applications used in tandem with 7T and 3T pre-clinical and clinical scanners.  Learn more