Surbeck Lab Research

Sarah J. Nelson, Ph.D.Nelson Lab
Sarah J. Nelson, PhD

Brain Research: development of techniques for acquisition, reconstruction, and quantitative analysis of Magnetic Resonance (MR) imaging and spectral data.

John KurhanewiczBody Imaging Research Group
John Kurhanewicz, PhD

Prostate Imaging:  The accurate characterization of prostate cancer is a major problem in the management of individual prostate cancer patients and in monitoring treatment effects. The UCSF Prostate Imaging Program was established by John Kurhanewicz, PhD and Daniel Vigneron, PhD to address this pressing need. The Prostate Imaging Program is a research program that develops new magnetic resonance imaging methods to improve the assessment of prostate cancer. Kurhanewicz has directed the UCSF prostate imaging program since 1998; the group has applied their advanced imaging techniques in over 6,500 research and clinical exams.

Sharmilla MajumdarMusculoskeletal Quantitative Imaging Research
Majumdar, Sharmila, PhD

  • High-Field and high-resolution MRI for quantitative characterization of the morphology and function of the musculoskeletal system
  • Identification of biomarkers for degeneration in bone, cartilage, and inter-vertebral disc, and diseases such as osteoporosis, spinal disorders, and osteoarthritis
  • MR spectroscopy methods for characterizing muscle in diabetes, HIV disease, and other diseases
  • Strategies for non-invasive monitoring of cartilage and disc regeneration
  • Microscopic characterization of bone, cartilage, disc, and other tissues, using methodologies such as computed tomography, Fourier Transform Infrared imaging, high-resolution NMR spectroscopy, and confocal laser microscopy
  • Development of high-resolution, and quantitative computed tomography for characterizing bone geometry, micro-architecture, and density aimed at understanding aging, ethnic differences in the skeleton, osteoporosis, metal artifact reduction, and orthopedic implants

Sabrina Ronen, PhDRonen Lab
Ronen, Sabrina PhD

Preclinical Cancer Models Research:

  • The significance of choline-containing metabolites as biomarkers of oncogenic transformation and response to novel oncogene-targeted therapies.
  • Detection of RTK signaling in prostate cancer bone metastases
  • Monitoring inhibition of PI3K signaling in brain tumors
  • Metabolic consequences of autophagy
  • Stem cell delivery of cytotoxic gene products in GBM

Daniel B. Vigneron, Ph.D.

Vigneron Lab
Daniel B. Vigneron, PhD

Metabolic MRI techniques - basic research and clinical assessments in pediatrics, prostate, hyperpolarized Carbon-13.

Baby Brain
Duan Xu, PhD

Newborn and Aging Brain Research

Zhang, Xiaoliang Ph.D.

Zhang Lab
Zhang, Xiaoliang PhD

Parallel Imaging and High Field MR Technology Research

  • advanced MR hardware development
  • parallel imaging/parallel excitation for ultrahigh field MRI
  • computational electromagnetics for addressing MR safety issues and efficiency
  • RF pulse and new strategies 
  • investigation of MR compatibility for implanted medical devices