Priyanka Jha, MD

Associate Professor
Assoc Prof Clinical Radiology


Priyanka Jha, MBBS, is an Associate Professor of Clinical Radiology in the Abdominal Imaging and Ultrasound section at the University of California, San Francisco. She obtained her medical degree from Mulana Azad Medical College, Delhi, India in 2007. In 2010, she finished a one-year internship from St. Vincents Medical Center in Bridgeport, Conneticut, and she completed her four-year Diagnostic Radiology residency from the University of California, Davis in 2014, followed by an abdominal imaging fellowship from UCSF in 2015.

Dr. Jha has experience in cross­sectional imaging, both CT and MRI, ultrasound, fluoroscopic and radiographic procedures. Her research interests include onclogic imaging, focusing on imaging of hepatocellular carcinoma and pancreatic malignancies. She is also interested in women’s imaging, particularly MR applications of pelvic imaging and obstetric imaging.

Dr. Jha serves as a reviewer for Radiology and European Radiology. She has active memberships to the Radiological Society of North America, the American Roentgen Ray Society, and the Society of Abdominal Radiology. She has been invited to 5 national and international lectures and presentations, and has written over 50 publications, which include book chapters, journal articles, and abstracts.

Abdominal Imaging

Hepatocellular imaging, imaging trauma in pregnant patients, MR imaging of pregnant patients

Professional Interests:
Oncologic imaging, hepatocellular carcinoma, placental imaging, women's imaging, MRI, emergency/trauma radiology, radiation dose reduction

Education and Training:
• Medical School: Maulana Azad Medical College, Delhi, India
• Internship: St. Vincents Medical Center, Bridgeport, Connecticut
• Residency: University of California, Davis
• Fellowship: University of California, San Francisco – Abdominal Imaging


2020 - Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Training, University of California San Francisco

Honors and Awards

Best Scientific Paper Presentation in the section of Emergency Radiology, European Congress of Radiology, Vienna, Austria, 2015
Receipient of Invest in Youth Scholarship, European Society of Radiology, Vienna, Austria, 2015
Selected amongst top 10% educational exhibits and published on SAR website, Society of Abdominal Radiology, Coronado, CA, 2015
Invitational to prepare manuscripts for Clinical Nuclear Medicine and Journal of Nuclear Medicine, 2014
Department Research Award, University of California, Davis, CA, 2014
Selected to ARRS “Introduction to Academic Radiology” 2012 with Stipend, Vancouver, BC, Canada, 2012
Best Resident Seminar Presentation, St. Vincents Medical Center, Bridgeport, CT, 2010
Certificate of Merit for Educational Exhibit, RSNA 2009, Chicago, IL, 2009


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