UCSF Breast Imaging Advantages

  • A specialized team of expert physicians who are focussed on efficient and accurate breast cancer (breast carcinoma) screening diagnosis, treatment and monitoring.
  • Expert interpretation of mammograms providing a higher cancer detection rate and fewer false positives than average.
  • A same-day assessment clinic called Breast Cancer Coordinated Diagnostic Evaluation Program where patients with possible breast cancer receive a radiology and pathology assessment and are seen by a top breast surgeon during a one-day coordinated visit to UCSF.
  • Clinical research trials patients with breast cancer may have the opportunity to participate in clinical trials for breast cancer with access to life-saving technology before it becomes available to the general public.
  • Speedy results and diagnosis nearly all breast imaging exams at UCSF are reported within 24 hours of the test being performed.
  • Full-field digital mammography a technology UCSF uses for 100 percent of its mammography exams.
  • Consultation by breast radiologists at multi-disciplinary breast tumor boards that meet weekly.  At these conferences, patient cases are discussed and individualized treatment plans are developed for each patient.  These complex cases are reviewed by UCSF’s pathology, radiology, surgery, radiation oncology and medical oncology experts. This multidisciplinary approach allows UCSF physicians to build comprehensive, all-encompassing treatment plans for patients.

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