Prenatal, Fetal and Pediatric Imaging

Experts in Fetal Brain and Fetal Spine MRI

Fetal MRI - UCSF MedicalThe neuroradiologists at UCSF are internationally recognized experts in interpreting studies of the fetal brain and spine. With the expertise of Dr. Orit Glenn and Dr. Jim Barkovich, ours is one of few radiology imaging departments across with experience performing and interpreting complex fetal MRI. We have performed more than 1,100 fetal MRIs since 1996.  We also employ specialized MRI scanner software for fetal MRI that results in improved image quality, faster scans and more precise diagnoses. Expert MR technologists, experienced in imaging pregnant women, strive for excellence and aim to provide a comfortable, safe experience for the patient during the examination.


Pioneers in Pediatric Brain Diseases

Barkovich - UCSF MedicalA. James Barkovich, MD, UCSF Chief of Pediatric Neuroradiology, was the first pediatric neuroradiologist to recognize the value of MRI in assessing pediatric brain disease. This is just one of the reasons why UCSF is known around the world for its expertise in pediatric neuroradiology.  Dr. Barkovich and his research team developed the first very high resolution imaging coils to detect small abnormalities causing seizures in the brains of babies, pioneered pediatric MRI, the imaging of newborns who had suffered brain injury around the time of birth, and developed MRI-compatible incubators to allow sick newborns to undergo MRI scans while being kept warm and monitored by MRI compatible heaters and monitoring devices. The pediatric neuroradiology team is also very experienced in the use of pediatric CT.

Experience and Service to the Field of Neuroradiology

Dr. Barkovich and his group were also among the first radiologists in the United States to do MRI of the brains and spines of the unborn child while still within the uterus, a technology which they have been performing and regularly for more than 15 years and continue to advance. Dr Barkovich, is the 2012 recipient of the American Society of Neuroradiology’s Gold Medal Award. The ASNR Gold Medal recognizes both exceptional service and achievement in the field of Neuroradiology.