MRgFUS Professional Staff

MR focussed ultrasound 

Nicole BronsonNicole Bronson, BSRT (R) (MR), is the MR technologist for UCSF's MRgFUS program.  She received her Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences in 2005.  After graduating, she worked in all areas of radiology at Arkansas Children’s Hospital with her main focus being on pediatric MR imaging.  In 2007, Nicole pursued her love of traveling and became a contract MRI technologist.  One of her traveling assignments placed her at UCSF.  She fell in love with San Francisco and accepted a full time position at UCSF Parnassus Heights Campus.  She joined UCSF at our China Basin facility working at 3T MRI in 2011. Since starting at UCSF, Nicole has become a critical part of the MR research programs, coordinating the development of research protocols and heading the MR safety program.  Nicole has been the lead technologist for the MRgFUS (also known as High Intensity Ultrasound or HIFU) program since its inception.

Suzanne Rossi, RNSuzanne Rossi, RN, is the nurse who contributes and cares for MRgFUS patients.  She graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing from California State University East Bay in 1978 and been on staff as a clinical nurse II at UCSF for the last 29 years with prior CCRN and CPAN certifications in critical care and post anesthesia care. Suzanne has been involved in patient screening for sedation administration and intra-procedure sedation since the beginning of the MRgFUS/HIFU research trials at UCSF’s China Basin facility and currently now is the nurse caring for patients when they receive treatment in the clinical application of the MRgFUS procedure.


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