Cardiac & Pulmonary Imaging Experience and Specialization

UCSF has special expertise in both adult and pediatric cardiac, vascular and pulmonary imaging, including high-resolution MRI and chest x-rays. UCSF physicians have contributed to many of the leading cardiac and pulmonary imaging techniques that are currently considered the standard of care for cardiac and pulmonary treatments including those for lung cancer and related diseases.

Over the past several decades, UCSF physicians have helped develop many of the most important clinical applications in cardiac and pulmonary imaging, and continue to be world leaders in the field. UCSF cardiac pulmonary imaging specialists provide the full range of images from chest x-rays to combination PET/CT imaging, which are commonly used to detect, diagnose and stage lung cancer and other pulmonary and cardiac diseases in patients.


Cardiac and Pulmonary Imaging Experience and Specialization

Cardiac & Pulmonary Clinical Imaging

Imaging studies supervised, performed, and interpreted by UCSF Cardiac and Pulmonary Imaging include:

  • Chest CT
  • High resolution CT of Lungs
  • Lung cancer screening
  • Cardiac MRI
  • Thoracic MR angiography
  • Coronary CT angiography
  • Coronary calcium screening
  • Combined CT and PET
  • CT guided biopsies (minimally invasive)
  • Virtual Bronchoscopy
  • Chest x-rays


Cardiac and Pulmonary Imaging Experience and Specialization

Interdisciplinary Focus

We foster close collaboration with the physicians who refer to us, including experts in Cardiology, Thoracic Surgery, Pulmonary Medicine, Oncology, Infectious Disease and Primary Care/Internal Medicine. We currently have a focused effort to detect and treat lung cancer. We are proud of the solid relationships we have developed with physicians in the greater medical community, as well as physicians within the UCSF community.