Advanced Techniques and Technologies

UCSF's cardiac and pulmonary imaging subspecialty is responsible for the comprehensive evaluation of both the respiratory and cardiovascular systems using the most advanced, appropriate imaging modalities.

Today, new developments in imaging, such as chest CT scans, allow for better lung cancer screening, heart disease evaluation, and analysis of other cardiac disorders.

Learn more about our cardiac and pulmonary imaging research that has lead to many of these new developments.

Advances in Cardiac Imaging

New developments in cardiac imaging, including more experience with CT scans of the chest, allow UCSF physicians who specialize in radiology to examine the heart and vessels in innovative ways that may save the lives of patients with known or suspected heart disease. UCSF is setting the pace for imaging the heart by offering a wide spectrum of newer cardiac imaging modalities, including CT Angiography, MRI, Chest CT, Coronary CT with calcium assessment, SPECT myocardial perfusion imaging and cardiac PET. For example, one of UCSF’s most advanced activities is the UCSF Coronary CT Angiography Program, which is a collaborative effort of the Cardiac and Pulmonary Imaging Subspecialty of the UCSF Department of Radiology and the UCSF Division of Cardiology.

Advances in Pulmonary Imaging

Recent years have brought a proliferation of advanced pulmonary imaging technology applicable to chest (thoracic) medicine. UCSF is a leader in images of the respiratory systems using the latest techniques such as chest CT and new methods including those that screen for lung cancer. Major advances used at UCSF include imaging for pulmonary embolism, the detection and characterization of diffuse lung diseases, advances in lung cancer screening, and newly developed approaches for functional lung imaging to evaluate pulmonary ventilation and perfusion and for the detection of small airways diseases. UCSF performs “virtual bronchoscopy” as well as other important new pulmonary imaging approaches for the accurate detection and staging of chest malignancies.