Travel to San Francisco

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Airline Discounts to SFO/OAK

Save up to 5% on coach fares and up to 10% on first class fares by using the Promotion / Meeting Event Codes listed below.  Discounts are eligible for round-trip tickets only.

As of October 1, 2020, US citizens will need an update "Real ID" drivers license or valid Passport to fly within the US.

Delta Airlines

2020 code: NY2VB
"Meeting Event Code" field on the
right side of the "Book-A-Flight" webpage.
Tel: 800-328-1111

United Airlines

2020 code: ZH4X515523
"Promotions and certificates" field at the
bottom of the "Book-A-Flight" webpage.
Tel: 800-426-1122

Airport Transfers to/from Downtown SF

For information on airline terminals and all ground transportation options:
SFO airport
OAK airport

Bay Area Trip Planner  Enter your origin and destination points to get public transit options (BART/MUNI), travel times and fare costs to/from both SFO and OAK, for locations in SF and other cities in the Bay Area.


800.BLUE.VAN or
Supershuttle blue & gold vans offer shared ride service that is generally cheaper than taxi fare. Return service to the airport must be scheduled 24 hours in advance.
ExecuCar (private Sedan / SUV service)  800.410.4444 or

BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) to/from SFO/OAK Airports for train schedules and ticket prices
The BART regional system connects both SFO and OAK airports to the four downtown SF underground stations along Market Street, as well as several cities throughout the bay area. Many downtown SF hotels are near or within a short walking distance of the four underground stations: Civic Center, Powell, Montgomery and Embarcadero.
The Union Square area is between Powell and Montgomery.
Note that BART is a regional system and SF MUNI is a city system; although they both have gates at the four Market Street stations, they have separate entrances and fares. MUNI runs only within the city of SF and does not connect to either airport.

BART is the least expensive airport transfer option, and the fare is determined by the distance traveled. Instructions for getting to/from both airports are listed below. Taking BART avoids the possibility of getting stuck in traffic in a taxi or shuttle, which is likely during rush-hour.
BART airport service runs seven days a week, but does not run 24-hours. Morning service begins early during the week (approx 4:00 am), and later on Saturday and Sunday. The final nightly run is between Midnight and 1:00 am. Check the BART website for actual departure/ arrival schedules to different destinations and directions (to vs. from). 

SFO from/return: the BART terminal is connected at SFO, trains run every 15-20 minutes.
From SFO, trains marked "Pittsburg/Bay Point" pass thru downtown SF.
From downtown SF, only trains marked "SFO" return to the airport.
Ticket cost to downtown SF: $9.65 (one-way) as of June 2019.
Travel time SFO/Market St: 25-30 minutes.

OAK from/return: Oakland airport is linked to the "Oakland Coliseum" stop,
a BART extension travels from OAK to the Coliseum in about 8 minutes.
From the Coliseum, trains marked "SF/Daly City" or "SFO/Millbrae" pass thru downtown SF.
From downtown SF, only trains marked "Dublin/Pleasanton" or "Warm Springs/Fremont" return to the Coliseum/OAK.
Ticket cost to downtown SF: $10.95 (one-way, including OAK extension) as of June 2019.
Travel time Coliseum/Market St: 20-25 minutes, plus OAK/Coliseum transfer. 

SF Municipal City Transit
SF MUNI operates buses, streetcars and the subway within the city. Weeklong passes, coupon booklets, and one-, three- and seven- day passports make getting around SF easier and less expensive. For information on the types of services offered, passes, costs and ticket purchase locations, visit the website listed above. Single-trip ticket vending machines are available at both Powell and Montgomery stations.

Exact change is required when paying cash, drivers do not give change. When riding MUNI, always ask for a free transfer/fare receipt as proof of payment, in order to avoid fines/tickets.
Note that MUNI does not connect to either airport, and is separate from the BART regional system. 

The cable car turn-around is located at Powell & Market streets; the cable car runs past Union Square, up to Nob Hill and down to Fishermans Wharf. Cable car fares cost more than MUNI streetcar/bus routes and are usually not included with coupon booklets or other discounts.

UCSF Campus Shuttles
The UCSF shuttle system has several routes traveling among the different medical centers in SF. These shuttles are free-of-charge to patients and staff. UCSF shuttles have specified routes and stops, and do not stop upon request.

The Interventional Radiology Review is held at the Parnassus Campus, Kalmanonvitz Library.
The Parnassus Campus is located near the south-east end of Golden Gate Park, in an area known as the Inner Sunset. The N-Judah MUNI underground streetcar (outbound) travels from the four underground downtown Market Street stations to the UCSF Parnassus Campus Parking Garage in about 20 minutes. Take the parking garage elevator to the top floor, take the stairs up to the food court, exit onto the street and the library is on your right.

The Prostate Cancer Imaging Course is held at the China Basin Imaging Center.
The China Basin Center is located below Market Street, southeast of Union Square and downtown, and across from the SF Giants baseball stadium. Most downtown hotels are a 20-25 minute walk to China Basin. Both the N-Judah and T-Third MUNI street cars run along the four Market Street underground transit stations (inbound train), and stop one short block from China Basin at Fourth & King Streets. Enter thru Lobby 6 near the corner of Berry and Fourth Streets (look for the blue bike rental rack).