Cavallo Point Intervention

Mon April 21st- Tues April 22nd, 2014 Meeting Goals:

As a part of the UCDOSE project, funded by the University of California Office of the President Center for Healthcare Quality and Innovation, our collaborative team met in-person to standardize the dose of radiation we use for routine head, chest, and abdomen/pelvis scans across the five University of California Medical Centers (UCMCs).

We hosted a 2-day retreat to bring together key radiology decision-makers from each of the five UCMCs. We identified considerable variation in the radiation doses we use to image our patients across the campuses, and wanted to discuss optimum practice. Our goal was to come to a consensus about the most common ways to image chest, abdomen/pelvis, and head, and to discuss low-dose protocols for lung and colon screening. To spark discussions,  asked radiologists from the different sites to present and to share some CT images that they got in current clinical practice. We discussed overall goals as a group, as well as held break-out meetings for neuro, chest, and body imaging as needed to reach consensus. 

Watch a video on the UCDOSE Project, filmed at the UCDOSE Cavallo Point Retreat in 2012.  Photo to the right shows UCDOSE Co-Investigators in 2012.

Please contact us if you have any questions about the meeting. Dr. Smith Bindman will be happy to discuss the project with anyone who is interested.