We recently celebrated two landmark events in our department which we’re eager to share with our community.

Pediatric arthritis is a challenging disease to diagnose, but fortunately new treatments greatly lessen the disease and are offering new hope for children.

The mainstream perception of radiology is as a diagnostic tool to see into parts of the body where our eyes can’t. Used that way, it’s the most effective way of diagnosing a broken bone, or locating a malignancy. But interventional radiologists can also manage complications of liver disease.

Chiyo Uchida, RN has been selected from the entire Department of Radiology nursing staff at all UC San Francisco sites as the inaugural awardee of the new “UCSF Radiology Nurse of the Month” recognition program. 

The number one cause of disability in older adults is osteoarthritis, which is caused when the ends of bones wear down over time. See how UC San Francisco's Dr. Thomas Link is studying the use of radiology to intervene early in osteoarthritis -- not just in the condition’s early stages, but before osteoarthritis starts.

As we conclude another great chapter with the Bay Area Science Festival, we're filled with enthusiasm and excitement to, once again, connect with the Bay Area community through the wonders of science.