While, like every procedure, there is the rare potential for complications, prostate cancer biopsies are a potentially life saving medical imaging exam. UCSF strives to mitigate risk, and through state of the art imaging research has developed a specialized exam to reduce the number of required biopsies for patients.

A new study suggests the advantage of using breast MRI screenings among high-risk, underserved women, as opposed to the general- risk mammography screenings.

Data from a recent study suggests that secondary breast cancer diagnosis rates in the US are higher among African American women than Caucasian women.

In August, the new Center of Research Translation for the Study of Osteoarthritis, a joint effort between UCSF and UC Davis, was announced. It is now officially off the ground.

While the results of the NLST are encouraging for early lung cancer detection, additional unexpected benefits require supplementary research.

San Francisco General Hospital has become the first hospital in the country to gain certification for treatment of traumatic brain injury based on its medical skills, imaging technologies, neuro- monitoring capabilities, and research.