Patient Care

Understanding What the FDA’s Accelerated Approval of Aduhelm Means for the Alzheimer’s Community

Duygu Tosun-Turgut, PhD, associate professor and co-director of the Center for Imaging of Neurodegenerative Diseases (CIND) talks about the FDA's recent accelerated approval of Aduhelm, the role of amyloid PET imaging and more.

Recognizing the Role of Nurses in the Growth of Radiology Services at UCSF

Nurses Week is celebrated here at UC San Francisco and globally from May 6 through May 12, 2021. Over the past year – and more! – UCSF Radiology nurses have been meeting the pandemic's challenges with flexibility, innovation and an extraordinary focus on patient safety. 

Current and Future Applications of 3D Printing in Breast Cancer Management

There is a notable lack of literature on the applications of 3D printing in breast cancer management. Tatiana Kelil, MD and team recently reviewed and discussed current and future applications. 

Doing Safety Better: Keeping UCSF Health Radiology Staff Safe to Keep our Patients Safe

Patient Safety Awareness Week is a recognition event held each March, intended to highlight the importance of healthcare safety for our patients.

2020 Year in Review: Overcoming Challenges and Celebrating Accomplishments

As this history of 2020 is being written, the UC San Francisco Department of Radiology and Biomedical Imaging would like to take a moment to recognize this year’s highlights in service, patient care, research and education as well as the many department members who advocate for racial justice. 

Improving Access to Breast Cancer Care in the East Bay

Breast imaging efforts at the Berkeley Outpatient Center are led by Kimberly Ray, MD, associate professor specializing in Breast Imaging in the UC San Francisco Department of Radiology and Biomedical Imaging.

Celebrating Our Medical Sonographers During Medical Ultrasound Awareness Month

The UCSF Department of Radiology and Biomedical Imaging has one of the few dedicated ultrasound groups in the United States. Each October, we celebrate Medical Ultrasound Awareness Month (MUAM) is a time to create awareness around the role of the diagnostic medical sonographer in the medical community and more!

Is it Safe to Get a Mammogram During the COVID-19 Pandemic?

It's important to remind people that it is safe to get a mammogram during the COVID-19 pandemic as long as you are not feeling sick or have COVID-19 symptoms.

Hepatitis B Surveillance and Treatment in the UCSF Department of Radiology and Biomedical Imaging

Radiologists at UCSF are actively involved in every facet of hepatitis B care, from screening to treatment of complications.

Lindsay Lawless, RN is a 2020 Daisy Award Recipient

This year, the department is happy to announce that Lindsay Lawless, RN, was selected as a Daisy Nurse Award recipient.