Social Media Marketing: Twitter Tips for Health Care Professionals

Recent studies have looked at Twitter use by health care professionals and have found many, especially those in the field of academic medicine, are using the platform quite frequently. UCSF Radiology’s marketing team has put together a list of Twitter Tips.

Social Media Marketing: Importance of Measuring Your ROI

Health care, meet social. Social, meet health care. When measuring social media ROI, it is not a straight line. It is important to make sure your strategy is actually working.

Social Media Marketing: Employee Involvement Can Make the Difference

Working as a team to maximize your social media impact; how every team member can use social to build their own careers and elevate the department. 

Marketing & Analytics Meets Patient Outcomes at Dreamforce 2015

Members of the UCSF Radiology marketing team were among 170,000 people to attend the annual Dreamforce conference in downtown San Francisco last week.